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  • ARealAVFan - Quicken 2011 is a downgrade from 2010 - **UPDATED**** Updated below 12/2/2010 **

    I've been using Quicken since the DOS days, have been a software analyst working with corporate ERP software, been around the software block a bit in my day. I had great expectations for Quicken 2011, after reading some of the glowing reviews from alleged beta testers, touting the "best Quicken ever". I'm not sure I understand the excitement. One feature that was pretty informative was the Cash Flow panel, which showed you how much you took in, how much you spent, and a bottom line for the month. GONE! They took the most useful feature out of the product. I remember when 2010 was being hyped, they showed this new Cash Flow panel with the IN/OUT/REMAINING concept, and I loved it. So, instead of perhaps tweaking any minor issues they may have had with it, they chose to just throw the baby out with the bath water. I'm utterly amazed. So, I figure, if they got rid of such a useful baseline measure of your overall finances, they must have introduced something newer and better, right? Nope. Nothing. They have an applet that you can add to your home page that shows your spending for the period. Great, I thought, now let me find the applet that shows my income for the period, and that will serve me almost as well as the 2010 solution. Gee, doesn't seem to exist. What in Heaven's name is Intuit thinking? For anyone using 2010, trying to decide whether to upgrade to 2011? Trust me, skip it. This is the obvious result of having absolutely no other commercial competitor in your market. For any software geniuses out there, now would be a great time to throw a product together and compete with Quicken. And please, give me a way to see my overall Cash Flow in an easy to understand, management level graph, on a single page.

    12/2/2010 update:
    I just downloaded and installed the R4 update. The Intuit folks restored the In/Out/Remaining functionality, via a custom view that you can add to your home page. It didn't automatically show up for me, I had to customize my home page and add it. That makes a big difference to me, as it's a good general barometer of my overall monthly income and spending, in basically a snapshot view. Given Intuit's response to customer calls for this feature, I am raising my rating from two stars to five stars. While there are still some enhancements I would like to see, with respect to accruals of no-interest payment promotions on credit cards, I have been using Quicken since 1992. I am very pleased that Intuit responded to customer needs and added an important enhancement to one of their maintenance updates, something I didn't expect at all from them. I no longer consider this Quicken a downgrade. It is more lateral than anything, and you wouldn't be missing much if you stayed at Quicken 2010. But it is a good overall product, and it deserves a good rating as it stands now.
  • Dawn Tomas - Love this bookRecommended by my doctor and my best friend so with those two opinions I had to read it! Great book! Logical and straightforward!
  • Melissa S - BEST THING EVER INVENTED!I LOVE THIS THING! I am obsessed about the location of my cat and have suffered several heartbreaking tragedies with kitties of the last few years, so the current cat is bearing the brunt of my OCD. We live in a rural area with lots of woods, ditches, creeks, coyotes, raccoons and dogs at nearby farms. I refuse to keep an animal penned or in the house especially in such a beautiful place, so I was driving myself nuts looking for Alfie several times a day. I also have a Loc8tor on his collar with is also fabulous as he's tabby and really hard to see in the woods and bushes.
    Now that I have the Tagg I know when he goes out of my comfort zone, and I can pin point exactly where he is within a few short minutes. I can tell that he's sitting watching a rabbit hole, and not too close to a neighbor's penned dog. I can tell if he's too near the road (1/4 mile away and yes he sometimes wanders that far) and I can go gather him up and bring him home without having to search and search.
    I have bragged so much on this collar and posted it on my FB page. Several friends have purchased it due to my recommendation.
    Alfie doesn't seem to mind the size of it at all. I have had no problems with it at all in the 4 months I've had it. I will never be without it. If it wears out I will by golly buy another one.
    He has even seemed to learn that when it's blinking (when I use the "locate" function) that mama wants him and he almost always comes home before I even get to where he is to bring him back.
    Hopefully they will eventually make it be smaller so it won't look like I'm making him wear some sort of torture device! It looks worse than it is. It doesn't weigh much.
    Highly Highly Highly recommend. If I had kids I'd make them wear one, I swear.