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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • L. Jones - Love this thing!I had the 2 and upgraded to this one. I didn't think the earphone attachment in the remote would get used but boy was I wrong. It's really nice to listen to movies with a headset especially if your doing other stuff or there is a lot of noise in the environment. Want to crank up some loud tunes late at night, no problem.

    Fast responsive and glad I upgraded. The only thing missing is a Youtube app that's like the one on the Apple TV. I have them both and use them more or less equally. The Roku 3 has the edge with the bluetooth remote earphone combo and the Apple TV has the edge because of it's Youtube app and network integration which allows streaming from your computers, Roku has a Plex app which also allows network streaming which actually works pretty well. I dropped my cable account long ago except for internet and have not regretted it because of these babies and my Tivo. They turn your regular TV into a smart TV.
  • Diane O. Hainsworth "diane" - hydro floss oral irrigatorI had been told, by a new dentist, that I had a number of large pockets in my gums, along my molar teeth and it was suggested that I needed periodontal work to correct the problem. A doctor suggested that I purchase the hydro floss and I did. I started with the low pressure setting and worked up to the higher pressure as my gums became healthier. My last dental appointment (six months after the last one) showed my gums healthy and no longer needing extra work. I love the Hydro Floss and intend to have it as part of my home dental care forever.