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  • Celia F. - Well worth the priceI was skeptical at first to try this product. Sometimes I don't trust a product that gets 5 star ratings all the time!
    After doing a bunch of research, I decided to give both the rinse and toothpaste a try. It is well worth the price and works really well.

    I have had bad breath for over a year now and just recently discovered the reason was tonsil stones. As I researched these stones, TheraBreath kept popping up as a method to combat both bad breath and tonsil stones.
    Yes, it does work. Both my partner and I are extremely pleased and relieved.

    The bland taste is the only con but you have to realize there is no 'junk' in these products as opposed to regular commercial dental products.
  • Francis2901 - Great Tableti purchased this tablet when it first came out. I knew about the GPS issue, and still didn't care. Asus always puts out great products and takes care of the consumers. They did send out a GPS dongle to help with reception and it works as indended and only added minamal inches to it. The tablet is very fast and works great with playing games. ICS came with it as the standard OS with many other extra's.
  • Larry in FL - Best AV I've FoundThis is the fourth year I've trusted my Windows computers to KAV. Their product just keeps getting better, and the 2012 version continues the improvements. Small use of resources, runs in the background, and last year stopped two Trojans from wreaking havoc with no action on my part. The program is hugely customizable, if you desire, but the 2012 version runs perfectly out of the box in Win7. I have a license for three machines, and any program updates are free during the term of your license. Virus definitions update automatically, and quickly. I've heard horror stories about NAV and Sym, but haven't tried those in 5 years. They may have improved, but what I know is that KAS just works without interference with resources or other trusted programs, so to me it's worth the slightly higher cost. I do believe you get what you pay for.