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  • blooms "as36" - A brillant if bleak tale of survival and love,I would give it 20 stars if I could. A gripping horrifying tale of the end of civilization and the struggle for survival even when the reason for surviving is unclear -- or that there isn't one. Could not put it down. The ending is unexpected and one has to decide if it is a bit too Pollyanna.
  • Naomi - Why all these bad reviewOne the reviewers says that you must follow the instructions and exercize patience. Many people do not eat well, ie:vegetables, fruit and fiberous food and plenty ,plenty of water. This works by helping you eliminate/move your bowels more thus promoting weight loss. Some people sit on their behind, eating unhealthy highly processed food, do not more around and expect a pill to do wonders. It does not work like that. You have to use the pill in conjunction with eating healthy and exercizing albeit minimally, to notice results. You have to hold you part of the deal.
  • Violynn - "Encantada" to PimsleurAs a beginning course, or to refresh a few months of elementary school Spanish, these CDs are great. Easy to learn and remember phrases. I was able to put my acquired verbal skills to use in Argentina, and for basic ideas, this introductory course was great. I would consider buying the full Spanish 1 set before I travel again.
  • the i in me "Pious Saki" - nothing much to it....but AWEPeople are obvioulsy entitled to judge...its on us to not get misleaded...n any review below 4 stars for this album will serve the same...misleading ppl from great music.Well i think ppl who own this know that this is one priceless n timesless album....listen to this and come to know what kind of things matter in this world.I know...ull come to know.