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  • Amazno "Amazno" - Dual headed beastI downloaded this OS directly from MS and paid 39.99$. The download is 32/64 bit depending upon whether the OS you are running is 32/64 bit. I was able to use the same MS order to download both the 32/64 bit images on 32/64 bit OS (one on each OS).
    1. The OS boots unbelievably fast (5-10 seconds for 3rd gen i7 - lowly c2d).
    2. It combines the desktop (productivity) aspect with fun (touch/apps) very well.
    3. It has a small memory and hard drive footprint (16 GB for 64 bit on hard drive).
    4. Compatible with many/most W7 applications.
    5. Can run "apps". Although Windows 8 apps will be different from windows 8 RT apps. As a laptop may contain vastly more private and confidential data, not to mention "classified" data, be wary of apps, especially free ones.
    6. Absence of "start" button is disconcerting at first, Same with Aero. Over time did not matter.
    7. The wow factor for W7 -> W8 upgrade was 2-3 times that of XP -> W7 upgrade. XP->W7 wow was mostly Aero and modest speed increase (compared to W8) offset by vast incompatibility between XP and W7 software. W8 is W7 on roids with added bonus of touch and apps minus Aero and start button.
    8. Cannot complain about price for upgrade to PRO, 14.99 or 39.99 USD depending when you bought the PC. The upgrade will do clean install too.
    9. The top mark for WEI is increased to 9.9 (from 7.9). Possibly due to better hardware coming out, not particularly a windows 8 thing.
    10. If I were in market for new PC, I would go for W7 PC with the 14.99$ upgrade to W8 PRO (just in case I need a fallback to W7). Note that it might be nearly impossible to get the new PC to "dual boot" W7 and W8 in some systems. Also, most W8 PCs are actually preinstalled plain W8 (not W8PRO).
    11. Personally I like NOT having two ways to do the same thing (start button and start screen). W8 almost gives one way to do two things (apps and regular productivity programs). Also, I would pick the screen instead of button any day (no drilling down into menus). There seem to be workarounds for getting the start button back (read other reviews).
    12. Many old programs are upgraded. IE, explorer, task manager to name a few. Also W8 works very well with windows 8 phones. That's another review though.
    13. For those who feel shutting down is cumbersome, put the shutdown command in a ".bat" file on the desktop. Double click it to shut down the computer. (Hint: "shutdown /s /t 1" ... without quotes ... will start shutdown sequence in one second, destructively killing any running processes and applications. Type shutdown /? in cmd window for more options for better control .. like /hybrid for faster startup later etc)

    W8 will do to OS what dual cores did to processors, and more. To me, 14.99 or 39.99 for a PRO version of brand new MS Windows is a steal.
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