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  • M_Runs_It - Take OwnershipThere comes a time in many successful, driven women's lives where we look up and realize that we may have the money and the career, but what the heck happened to the guy??? Initially I thought I was alone in this but soon found out that there are many of us women out there looking for love when we've got everything else. After reading lots of different books and articles from many different authors, I must say this one of the best out there. Ladies, it's a must read. Having put Matthew Hussey's principles in place with trial and error and my own flare (at the end of the day, I am still me), I am in a wonderful relationship with a quality man who loves me. Do yourself a favor and put a priority on developing this aspect of yourself and read the book. If nothing else, you'll enjoy an entertaining read.
  • JJ - ALIGN HELPED ME ALOTI am a graduate student and spend most of my time in a classroom or behind a desk in a quiet room. My stomach would make terrible noises, and I often had to leave class early and even step out before completing exams. I wasn't sure what to do or what was wrong. My doctor recommended I try Align before nuking my bowels with powerful prescribed medication. After about my third week on Align I noticed tremendous differences. I have been taking Align for about 2 months now, and I have almost no bowel issues. I also feel energized and awake in all my classes. I can focus and pay attention to what is going on without having anxiety about my stomach noises. This product is amazing, and I am so glad I was able to manage my issue with a relatively inexpensive over-the-counter probiotic.
  • Pimperville2 - Sweat problem gone!!!I used to have a major underarm sweating problem. It did not matter if it was hot or cold outside, I would sweat uncontrollably in my underarms. I could just simply be at my desk typing all day and I would have underarm sweat stains in my shirt. I even had deodrant at work and would reapply at lunch time to try and make the problem go away but it did not help. It was very embarrasing to always have underarm sweat stains in my shirts. I tried every kind of deodrant and ended up using Old Spice clinical strength deodrant with no luck. I decided to use this product after I had noticed one day at work, I had underarm sweat through all the layers of my suit. This was my undershirt, my button up shirt, and my jacket!!! I bought Sweatblock and another product you put on like deodrant and found Sweatblock worked much better. The other product would make my underarms itch like crazy and would only keep me from sweating in the underarms for about 2-3 days. I applied a Sweatblock wipe to my underarms at night as directed, and noticed I would not sweat in my underarms for 10 days!!!! There was also no itching or uncomfortable feeling when I applied Sweatblock like the other product I tried. I have found I can go up to about 10 days on one packet wipe and on the 11th day, I start slowly underarm sweating again, so I simply use another packet wipe. For me, this pack of 8 lasts me about 9-10 weeks instead of 8 weeks since I have found I can go about 10 days on one packet wipe. It is a great feeling to not have pit stains in all of my shirts now. I have been using this product for over a year now and have not had any issues with underarm sweating.

    As far as the smell, after I apply Sweatblock at night before I go to bed, my wife says she can smell the product but it is not a bad odor. The smell of the wipe only lasts about 10 minutes.
  • Richard S. Myers - Disney tripOne of the best books I have seen on the market for Disney World. Wish my wife and I had this before we took out 1st trip 2 yrs ago. Very useful information. My totally disabled, have to use an electric wheel chiar getting around the parks. This book helps in chooseing what I can see, and how I can see the attraction.
  • Stuart A. Herrington - History Comes Alive Through the Pen of Ralph PetersLike all other reviewers, I was captured by "Cain at Gettysburg" from the moment I turned the first page. I make it a point to read all of Ralph Peters' books, and this work is one more reason why. Peters simply does not know how to tell a bad story. Whether I'm deep into the essays in one of his prophetic non-fiction works, or escaping into the 19th century adventures of a Civil War detective (introduced by Peters' in his "Owen Parry" offerings), I am a sucker for this author's mastery of history and his unique ability to weave that history into all of his works. Combine this with his uncanny sense of how to craft prose into captivating scenes that blend into the canvas of his story, and you have the recipe for success that has enabled Peters to birth the more than twenty-five successful offerings--a box score that has established him as futurist, soldier, national security commentator, historian, and tale-teller. "Cain at Gettysburg" is a great offering by Forge, a Tom Doherty Associates press, who clearly know a winner when they encounter one.