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  • Jerry Palmerino Jr - Loving This Bat (at the Batting Cage)I have been using an Easton bat since little league.

    This bat quickly became my new favorite bat! I have been using this size and weight (my Easton) for several years at batting cages and this bat feels like it is weighted equally/properly. It doesn't feel any heavier or lighter.

    What I really like about this bat is the slender handle and the nicely sized barrel. The handle is also very padded, but not mushy feeling.

    The colors on m y particular model are silver and black, with a large Z-1000 written on the barrel. Its an ok artistic design, but not attention grabbing by any means.

    What's great about this is the feeling you get when you swing it. If you are experienced with aluminum bats, you know the feeling when you hit the ball in the sweet spot of the barrel. This bat seems to have a nicely sized sweet spot. Its hard to explain in words, but if you have every hit a ball on the sweet spot, you know the feeling.

    So, overall, I cannot find much wrong with this bat. It is a bit pricy, but delivers (at least in the batting cages so far).
  • Pen Name - Works!U take the pill in the evening and the next day u have a good bowl movement. It's not like you are stuck on the toilet all day like other cleansers I have taken
  • EODJeff - Watch out for knockoffs!I too was taken in by a knockoff...this time on Craigslist...I eagerly puchased said shirt for 14.95 and couldnot wait to recieve it. At first all seemed normal, until i put it on...there was no coursing of power through my veins, no addiitonal chicks talked to me (in fact my mother stopped talking to me) and it felt all around the same. So i took my shirt to the local shaman (he lives behind the dumpster at Denny's) and he quickly pointed out the flaws in my shirt:

    1. My shirt did not depict the moon, but instead a picture of a styrofaom model of the moon, which reduced it's power by 78%
    2. the wolves on my shirt were actually hyenas and they were laughing, not howling, which completely negated all power of the wolf.

    Boy was I surprised. So I went back to the women seeking men section of craigslist (where I found the shirt originally) and demanded a refund. weird tho, the user had been removed, so i was SOL.

    happily I found this shirt here on Amazon. As soon as i ordered it I knew I had made the right choice. A cutomer service representative from my bank calle dme to verify the purchase and as soon as she heard my voice, she melted and wanted to have my children. through the phone! Upon receipt, the box was pulsating, (as did many more after I donned the shirt!) and I could feel the power. Immediately on wearing the shirt, my mullet was both longer and shorter! The government boughtoff on my workman's comp claim and I started getting paid an extra 175 a month!

    Now I am the apprentice for the local shaman but we have totally upgraded to living behind the TGIF's...Thank you three wolf moon shirt!
  • Eric Wentworth "Eric Charles Wentworth" - Still the best career guide on the marketRichard Bolles' "What Color is Your Parachute" is still the gold standard for career management. It's the first place anyone should begin who is interested in managing their career or finding a job. What I find truly remarkable is how Bolles has managed to keep the book updated, fresh and relevant over so many least two decades. I've encountered several people who have said this book changed their life. You can't get a much better recommendation than that.