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  • Sarah Vigil Swiger "Author of The Divine Plan" - Essential Tool for An Artist's Tool BoxWhen a friend recommended The Artist's Way to me, I had no idea what it was, but since I trusted the friend, I gave it a try. Now, I recommend it to every writer I know. Cameron's program leads you on a spiritual path of creative abundance.

    The morning pages--three longhand pages done immediately upon waking and not meant to be censored and corrected--were the most helpful because making yourself write and facing the blank page can be the hardest thing for a writer. The Artist Date was uncomfortable at first as I took myself to the symphony, to the theater and to art museums since these events are usually social, but they quickly became cherished times because I didn't need to depend on finding a "date," which often times stopped me from experiencing art. The tasks send you on a path of discovery and acceptance.

    If you're willing to do the work you'll be more prolific in your art. Your block will lift. Your projects will come to fruition. It works.
  • Julie B. Rieth - Just what we needed!Despite many therapy sessions and doctor appointments, my husband and I were still at a loss as to how to control our son's angry outbursts. The Total Transformation Program gave us clear actions to take, words to say and validation for our expectations about behavior. While the transformation does not happen overnight, I see progress and I feel so much more in control of my actions and reactions. I feel like I have a plan now, and I can see more clearly my role in the relationships and behavior. I've put the lessons on my iPod and refer back to them regularly. I'm always reminded of actions to take and ways of responding that apply to new situations that occur. Every parent can benefit from this training. James Lehman is a wonderful coach!
  • EcsMarkos DeSpot - Don't go on advice of anyone that has NOT read this book.I read this fast, it was one of the best books I have read in a long time. It keep my interest and told me the history around the crucifixion. Gives history and side notes. (Sidenotes also include bible reference) Great history read and if more religious leaders would read it the more they would have to use on the bulpit and to bring people to want to understand and go to the bible.
  • PoePhreak - Excellent product!Absolutely innovative! A series of incredibly revolutionary microchips embedded in the pen casing manage to decipher (through lightning-fast DNA analysis and a patented "body odor stench-ometer") the gender of the person reaching for the writing utensil. If it senses a "her," it leaps affectionately into her hand, sprays a little stream of delicate floral perfume, turns boring old paper into exquisite French lace, removes all calories and no flavor from any nearby Ben & Jerrys, and even has a special absorbent tip for that special time of the month! If it senses a "him," it transforms into a venom-laced stick of spikes and throws flames until the screaming subsides. Must own!
  • T. Clarke - A Journey in a Land of DeathThe Road by McCarthy is a book of travel. The man and his boy live in a post-apocalyptic world. This book details their travels with a few instances of flashbacks.

    This a very interesting read, since there are no chapters or quotations, though there is speech. The book functioned as a splice of life story, think Napoleon Dynamite [Blu-ray] or Fried Green Tomatoes (Extended Anniversary Edition). I liked not knowing where the story was going or if I was still in the current story or a flashback. Warning if you like straightforward, linear storyteller this may not be a book for you.


    ****This is no nice and neat ending, again splice of life story. However there is a sort of conclusion, at least for one character, if you catch my drift.****

    I did not receive this book for review, nor was I asked to review this book. This review was of my own undertaking.