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  • Sherryh - This book is a blueprint with structure to assist us in co-creating our planet the way we want it.I have personally worked with Barbara Marx-Hubbard as an Agent of Conscious Evolution for the past 9 months and I am now learning to Guide this process to assist in further awakening myself and others in co-creation. Barbara's brilliant mind and energy is amazing as she continues to bring her gifts of vision and communication to people world-wide. The book "Birth 2012 and Beyond" is a simple and cohesive explanation of her life's work and how we can bridge the gap from the crisis our planet is in to a loving and prosperous planet for all.

    The Book "Birth 2012 and Beyond" is not some airy-fairy new age book as some have said it is, it is an expanding blue-print with structures to bring people together who would like to see prosperity and justice on this planet Now before we cannot tip it from the chaos it moves ever closer too. This book isn't about the 2012 prophecy, it is about a new focus on solutions starting with a Birthday Celebration on December 22nd, 2012, where we want to have 100 million awakened people to assist in leading the profound changes needed to get through this crisis. If we don't change the way many things are done we will continue to stay in the same place, which is a crisis not working for most of the people and other life forms on the planet.

    This is an experiment since no one has been here before or tried this, but it is worth pursuing. There are incredible minds and hearts behind the scenes that work endlessly to bring their own gifts to shift our planet. There are millions of people and organizations taking loving actions to change the way we live with each other and with Mother Earth now, before it is too late. Barbara Marx-Hubbard has been working on these processes for decades on a smaller scale and is joined by other luminaries from the Welcoming Committee, who wrote articles to bring forth ideas and ACTIONS to change the world where we all can live. She has been asking this question since 1945, when she was 15 years old and the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima: "What is the meaning of our new power that is good?"

    This shift is about Being who we really are and doing what we need to do to bring love and happiness to our life and to the planet. We are One humanity and this planet is the only one we have. I have a responsibility to do everything I can as a Mother and a member of our global society to bring my own gifts to assist in our evolution. The alternative of sitting still, with hear no evil, see no evil or speak no evil and watching the crisis continue to unfold is not good for my body, mind or Spirit or that of my beautiful daughter's. Mother Teresa said: "I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me". To me this is the peace rally of the world and of the ages. This is a loving Being and doing movement, it is a party of co-creation!

    It is also a work of love by Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network who has brought talents and funds together to make this a global opening for people to connect and to bring their gifts to the Shift of the planet. The Internet and cell phones allow these ideas and actions to be spread out into a global community. We as individuals now have the power to speak our words and co-create with others through these powerful connection technologies.

    There are already millions of people and organizations working on shifting this planet to being a place we want to live and to leave a legacy for our children and their children. What Barbara, the Welcoming Committee and Stephen are doing is connecting and bridging ideas and technologies allowing people to find each other to co-create together. Please join me by reading the book "Birth 2012 and Beyond" and bring your gift forward to co-create with other like-minded loving and creative people. Together we ARE better.
  • Edward Zambrano "Ed" - Best tablet. periodI live outside the US so it was a big risk buying this thing without any warranty. The tablet works perfectly, with ICS runs really really fast,moving through the apps is a really nice sensation. right now I'm playing pokemon stadium 2 (n64 emulator), runs without any lag...

    BE AWARE: the web navigation is not the strong part of this device, the ipad does a better job, and also the apps for IOS are better, I have an ipod touch 4g and the games are better, no doubt about that. But since I don't have the money to pay the ipad apss, I'm happy with my android device.

    About the camera, WOW!. I wasn't expecting taking pictures with a tablet, but now is my best camera, and also the integration with dropbox is really cool, when you take a picture, the tablet automatically sends the picture to your dropbox folder. nice!

    500$ for this tablet?...difficult question, It's a really nice device but if you're going to buy it just to play angry birds, please DON'T!
  • Carol - X hose expandable garden hoseI bought two and put them together with a sprinkler head to make 100 feet. it runs the sprinkler just fine! I do think the hose shrinks a little so I may not be getting the full 50 feet for each hose but I have allowed for that. I don't know about the durability yet but after reading the other comments I will try to be careful with it. and I plan on draining it and storing it in the house after using it. it is so light that it is not a problem. so far I am extremely happy with it.
  • S. E. Rowland "It's your birthright to be cre... - Just do it!I write morning pages daily. It works. I'm a Julia Cameron fan anyway and love this book as well as the The Right to Write. Doing the morning pages is a wonderful way to connect with yourself. With any creative endeavor, it's the practise that makes the experience unique. The ends justifies the means and the time it takes to "get there." Themes, characters, undercurrents, blatant issues, and hopefully some humor will come alive if you follow the protocol. I use the morning pages as a tool and a memoir (edited) to pass along to family and loved ones. There are wonderful quotes throughout the book.