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  • diego lara - I love Windows 8 now 8.1I love Windows 8. Now with the Windows 8.1 update I love it even more. I am not sure what the big deal is with people who complain about Widnows 8. The start menu button was replaced by metro screen. It still works he same exact way as before the start button was simply updated preparing the operating system for the future.
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  • Rebecca Robinson - those crazy kidsthis milk, with a gentle bouquet and soothing aroma should be aged in an oak cellar upon delivery for best results. two weeks should suffice.

    drink it straight, or pour it over a bowl of cheerios for something a little different.

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  • Incubus Jax ".__________________." - An excellent operating system, with some new ways to think...First off, I'm a power user. I have a highly technical background. Secondly, I love Windows 8, but I don't think everyone else will, at least not right off. There's a way about what Microsoft has done here that takes a little re-wiring of the way we think about day to day computing.

    The problem is not that it's "made for a tablet" or "made for a phone". Apple has been pushing IOS deeper into MAC OS for a while now and no one's cried foul. No, the problem here is that we've all used a computer in a relatively similar way since the advent of the graphical user interface (GUI). Apple, Microsoft and even the desktop distros of Linux have all worked the same way - A desktop onto which you install icons that link to programs.

    Tiles are in essence the same thing, which one key difference: some are animated.

    That's about it. The tile still just links to a program and if you click on it, that program runs. And the animated tiles ("live tiles") by the way, are pretty awesome. Support for these types of program tiles will grow in the future and that's a great thing. Using them is very much a great experience.

    The OS however, isn't without some... quirks. They're not downsides they're just quirks that you have to learn and honestly, once you get used to them become second nature. This is, however, where a lot of people are having trouble. When you're using, say the mail app and you switch over to IE and want to go back to mail (this is just for example), there's no truly obvious way to do that.

    Mousing over to the top left will show you all the apps you have open and then you just click on the one you want to go back to, in our example, mail. Which, honestly, is simple. But nothing ever clues you in to that and the result is confusion. This is unfortunate at best. I highly recommend going through any tutorials the OS offers, and searching for some video guides if you're really feeling uncomfortable or perhaps even frustrated. It's not difficult, it's just a different way of doing things, and we have to relearn our habits.

    I use Windows 8 on a laptop that doesn't have a touch screen, and I use it just fine. You can too. My touch pad mouse supports gestures (like a Mac Book) but I turned them off because I found myself triggering them on accident. As long as you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, or a touch-pad that will scroll, you will be fine. Right clicking will get you everywhere you need to go, and scrolling will move the screen horizontally when needed (such as on the start screen).

    One more note about tiles/start screen: If you don't want to pin a tile, you don't have to. The tiled start screen is completely customizable. Group your tiles into the order you need them, place the ones that you need or want. It's up to you. This is the largest advantage of the start screen, and one you should explore.

    The OS under the hood is excellent. It works very, very well and takes less RAM than Windows 7, which is a huge plus. I also play a lot of games and so far haven't run into any issues at all, so if you're a gamer thinking of upgrading then I feel pretty good telling you that you shouldn't experience any problems.

    This OS is not for everyone, if you don't think your hardware is set up for it (no scroll mouse or touch-pad) then going to Windows 7 or sticking with 7 is probably a great path for you at the moment. That's not a slight - Windows 7 is excellent. If you are using Windows XP then I implore you to at least make the move to Windows 7. Windows XP had a great run, but it will not be supported soon which means you'll be more vulnerable to security leaks. Already, XP cannot take advantage of certain pieces of software that increase your security on the internet. It's time to move past XP.

    All that being said, if you're interested in 8, grab it. At this price it's a bargain. Be ready to learn and keep and open mind. If you're not quite willing to make the jump, go to Windows 7; it's a great place to be as well. If you're on XP, again, please upgrade, if not to a Windows release then check out Ubuntu Linux or even Apple's Hardware. Either way there will be some things to learn, and you'll be safer and after a round or two of frustration, happier as well.