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  • Student2012 - This is Great!I was a PC person and did not want to take the time to learn a new program, so I bought this hoping it resembled Office for PC. It does. I was able to make power point projects and write professional looking papers for school with ease. I am getting an A in my adolescent psychology class in part because of the professionalism at my finger tips with this program.
  • MandyPants - Recommended by my DoctorThis book was recommended by my doctor at my son's two week check up appointment. I wish I had gotten it before he was born! There is so much useful information in here. As others mentioned, it is not a book to sit down and read front to back. It is something to reference when you have specific questions, and has saved me many calls to my doctor's office! It is easy to navigate and find exactly what you're looking for. The authors also have a sense of humor which I appreciate. Overall this is a wonderful book, and I plan on buying it as a shower gift for all of my friends when they have babies!
  • E. Wilsey - Great product!!I've been using this product for a couple years now and my skin has never looked better. I even used it for my wedding and wow...that's all I can say. I love their foundation, mineral veil and eye shadow. Their waterproof mascara is pretty good too! And I don't typically do waterproof's too drying. So far, I have no complaints!
  • John Petrocelli "New York Hypnotist" - My Dad Almost Cried When He Received It !I'm sure many of us have a dad who is a sports fanatic and have never, will never .. ever .. touch a computer in their lifetime! That's my dad. He avoids computers as if they were emitting radioactive isotopes. But on the other hand, he has every issue of 'Who's Who In Baseball' publication going well back to his childhood (He's 82 years young). It's his guide before, throughout and after the baseball season.

    I've seen this little publication around the house growing up, well tattered, the pages bloated (Dad likes to read in the tub) and well marked up. He has his lifetime collection of these publications in a closed glass bookcase (as if they were passed down from the Lord himself) :).

    This guide which was prominent on every newsstand years ago, has disappeared. When he asked me to search for it three years ago, the only place I could find it was amazon. Just the look on my dad's face when he opened up the manilla envelope from the mailman was priceless. The Publisher also inserted a little hand-written note to my dad 'to enjoy' which really made my dad's day.
  • Gian Paulo Virzi - This product works as advertisedThis is exactly the product I've been looking for. It has a super strong grip on your cellphone, so strong you have to only place it on the grip surface lightly for it to be completely secured. I like the fact that it can hold any cellphone with or without a case. Not sure if it will hold a cellphone with a backside that is not smooth or too irregular. But all the cases for iPhone that I've tried it holds super well. Taking the cellphone out of the mount is also very easy, just peal it from one side to the other.
    The suction mount on the base of the mount has also performed flawlessly so far. I like everything about the mount, the distance of the mount arm is just perfect for my car and the position I am installing it.
    There are no mounting mechanisms, you only place the phone in the green patch and it is instantly secured. It swivels and has wide configuration possibilities.
    Also, if your car does not have a flat surface for the suction cup of the mount to be placed at, it comes with a base plate that can be sticked to the car and provides a flat surface the the suction cup.
    Overall I am happy with this product, it is by far the best I've tried and the price is also very appealing.