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  • Robert P. Coutinho - Astounding ResultsWhen I first read the reviews for this shirt, I honestly could not believe my eyes. As it turns out, most of the reviews are spot-on! The results I've had with the ladies has been nothing less than a dream come true! Even my son has worn the shirt and gotten similar results. I highly recommend that anyone having problems in their relationships with the fairer sex buy this shirt and see for themselves.

    It is my sincere hope that all other purchasers (or gift recipients such as me) have results at least half as good as I've had. This is a product that should have been made available thirty or forty years ago. It would have come in really handy if I'd had it during my high school years.
  • Bryan Dietz "Bryan Dietz" - Excellent!!!!I'm not going to write a long review. I been looking to buy a tablet for a few months and decided to wait for this one. I got mine ASUS Prime 64GB Champagne tablet about 2 months ago. All I have to say is that its a excellent Tablet. Very solid peace of hardware. I really love it. I also purchased a 64GB microsd card for it. Now my tablet has around 120 GB storage. Really could't find any tablet out there with better specifications, and when connected to the key board.... Man... No words. I have used the tablet and keyboard combination for my business for around 30 days to test it out and it worked great!!! No complaints. I really recommend this tablet. ASUS did a really good job on this tablet. I will give this one to my wife and will definitely buy the ASUS TF700 when it comes out.
  • Dottie - Loved the Voyager (OutlanderI spent time in Scotland this summer, which made me want to read novels with Scotland as a setting. The Voyager(Outlander) fit that need. This book and the series that follows was recommended to me by one of my tennis partners. In the process I have learned that others in my group have read the series and loved it as well.
    I will be reading the rest of the Outlander series.
  • Rzzzo - WHERE ARE THESE BAD REVIEWS COMING FROM?!wow. First off, I cannot believe how many people are bashing this product. This thing works EXACTLY as advertised. there is no sticky or nasty residue left on the phone. I have let others try it because they dont believe me! the phone does NOT fall off. the suction to the windshield works perfect. This works great! BUY IT!
  • Donna - Terrific Romantic SuspenseOnce I started reading, I couldn't stop and stayed up far too late finishing it! The plot is full of twists I didn't see coming. Rachel and Mike are interesting and sympathetic enough that they deserve a happy ending, and Rachel's sister is such a great secondary character that I hope she'll be getting her own book soon. I can't wait to read Melinda's next book.