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  • Romulus - Dramatic improvement in performanceI'm extremely pleased with my purchase. Replacing my hard drive with this SSD, took my (low-end) Acer Aspire 5742 (4GB) laptop to a whole new level. System boot and shutdown times have noticeably decreased. Every click of my mouse actions an almost instantaneous response. Even "resource hogs" like Adobe Web Premium exhibit a dramatic improvement in performance with over half the features running simultaneously. The over-all gain in resposivenenss and productivity have made my purchase a worthwhile investment.

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    Thank you to the seller, Good Luck Buyers for excellent customer service and fast shipping. 5-Stars.
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  • Myrna - First Timer!!!I have never done this in this forum or any other regarding a product purchase, but after sitting here on July 4, 2011 with a very pleasantly full stomach and a HUGE smile on my face and heart I could not help but chime in!

    I am a divorced mother of two college students. Cooking used to be done out of love and necessity for my family, now with them both being away I have to learn to adapt my cooking-habits.

    So I decided with the summer approaching to shop for a grill online. After extensive research I finally came across a grill that caught my eye because of the cuteness of it (mainly the stainless steel) I read the reviews and searched a little more and somehow I kept coming back to this grill.

    I decided on the purchase about a month ago now, it was delivered within two days but I decided to wait until I returned from my vacation to put it together. And after today's meal OMG! I am beyond sold!!!

    I have never grilled like this before in my life I used to watch my dad as a little girl grill and que and I thought he was a master chef and in recent years my brother took the title.

    But TODAY thanks to the Charbroil Quantum Infrared Grill I am the Reigning Queen! I made the most succulent meat on this grill I have ever tasted and yes I am a food connoisseur with the pallet to confirm it!

    I was so shocked at the taste of this boneless prime rib that I was almost afraid to try another piece because I thought there is no way this flavor could be real,( not that I am not a great cook) but the smoky savor(yes I dropped in the wood chips) and moist tenderness of this slice of meat could not have been done at my hands. Then I remembered what I read about how this grill seals in the juices, it is no lie people!

    Yes I paid $300.00 for a grill and I am an Empty-Nester, I live in a condo, with a very quaint spaced-deck (the fit is prime), and I no longer do the quantity entertaining of my former years but OMG! because of this grill I want to invite over strangers just so they can taste the meat that this grill produces!

    It definitely assist in promoting my desire to entertain!

    I will admit that it did take some time for me to put it together close to six hours easily, but I guess it was because I'm a female under age 50 with no experience in this arena and I did it alone.

    I also ran into a problem with the wire to the ignition switch but I called Char-Broil customer service immediately and they created an order for a new one with no hassles at all.

    So even though I am manually lighting this grill to get the job done, trust me it matters not, because this grill gets the job done!

    I will not deduct any points for any of the aforementioned simply because none of those issues warrant it!!!

    The clean up is worth it because this is an investment for me and it deserves the required care.

    This grill is a total package: it is pretty and inviting on the outside and when you open the mouth/lid it continues to draw you into it's beauty and charm as it delivers optimum, encore performance!

    Barring any unforeseen issues I will be a customer for life!