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  • Veri Martin - The new PotterBrief summary/review spoiler free

    Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen year old girl living in the Seams, the poor end of district 12. Her father died in a mine accident when she was 11, so every day she goes out with her friend Gale, hunting in the woods. This is illegal, but no one cares because even the peacekeepers (basically cops) are hungry for meat. But when she enters the hunger games, what will happen to the sixteen year old rebel in the brutal tv death fight? Nobody wants to go in, but Katniss is itching to get out and get revenge against the brutal capital.

    Very well written, and even though I am not eligible to compete in the games, and have been reading and rereading since last year. Currently trying to find the $5 to pay for the book
  • Jordipoo - Life savingIf you or anyone you know suffers from digestive issues this book is a must have!
    I was in as bad shape as one can be with ulcerative colitis and my doc wanted to do surgery, I am now healing without medicine or surgery thanks to the wisdom in this book.