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  • Anna B - Greatest self-help book for relationshipsTo those in limbo on purchasing this book...
    I have been with my guy for 3 and a half years! They have been good but we were lacking the passion we both needed to fulfill us! We are both pretty stubborn and didn't want to go the route of seeking a third party to mediate our position and tell us what we're doing wrong! I read a portion of this book online and was hooked! I ordered it and started reading it the moment i received it! It has given me great insight into not only where my feelings derive from but where my fiancé's are coming from as well! I feel more understanding and more confident that we are going to enter a happy and confident relationship for the rest of our lives!
    Thank you Dr. David Schnarch

    Anna B
  • Cust101 - ReviewI have tried a lot of different things for my skin and it got to a point where I didnt know if I would ever have clear skin. I've had skin problems since about 14 I started to break out and once I got around 18 it got worse and worse. I used everything! I even went to the doctors and got pills but they made head hurt. (Even though they did work) Different things work for different people but it works for me.
  • jablob - It is what it isThis program is easy to use while being easy to customize. I like that it stays out of my way. The only downside that I've seen is that it takes over an hour to do a full system scan and it is a brand new cpu out of the box. Seemed a little absurd, but maybe that's just the way suites work.

    All in all I like it better than the needy Nortor.
  • Chigirl - Glossy hairI first tried this as part of a small sampler pack sold at Ulta. I loved the way the Dermorganic Leave-in Treatment with Argan Oil felt in my hair. It feels like a serum but it's not oily or thick. I had to purchase the larger bottle because I liked this so much. I found the best price on Amazon.

    This product left my hair soft and glossy with such a tiny amount. This product will likely last a year or more. Until then, I will definitely repurchase when I run out.
  • cali-girl - easy, light, compactSo here is the setup we had when we took this to Europe, Paris France to be exact (survived the cobblestones, YEAH!! biggest worry). Compact fold down made stowing the stroller manageable in the small European living quarters. Light enough that the mountains of stairways were not a huge problem on our vacation (with 2 adults carrying the stroller, bumping it up and down the stairs was a little hazardous). Our 9 month old was very comfortable in it, no problem falling asleep but to make her a little more comfortable, I "popped" the foot rest portion up by pushing underneath the material (it actually stays in place probably because her leg did not extend all the way down yet) to give her a more 'flat' surface to ly on. The zip pocket is big enough for her stroller blanket and a small toy or two. We splurged on the Rosk pouch carrier (another LOVE item) and kept the blanket nice and clean, Placed two of the king mighty stroller hooks(fits perfectly right at the base of the handle) to hold our diaper bag and shopping bags. The rain cover was a must for us, not just for the rain but it blocked a lot of the wind and coldness. We were able to fold up the stroller WITH the rain cover still attached to the canopy portion. Oh and the canopy, LOVE!! sturdy, big and the 'window' allowed me to catch her falling asleep a few times so I could quickly adjust the seating. The biggest bonus was we were actually able to bring this INTO (yes, INSIDE) some of the restaurants/cafes when she was napping. We had heard many stories about this being such a big NO NO over there. (we did try to choose bigger establishments that COULD accomodate us and crossed our fingers to see if they WOULD) We were NEVER refused the few times we had to do this with her napping in the stroller, they were so accomodating, nice and sympathetic!!

    Some cons/wish list for future improvements: Not sure if this is airline specific (air tahiti) but we gate checked the stroller only to have to pick it up at luggage because it was too 'bulky' according to airline. Not a big deal since I ergoed her but caused some confusion when we landed and was waiting for the stroller. Wish the handle could optionally extend out a little and change angles for comfort. I'm 5'2" but the long walks made me wish I could position my arm and hand differently after a while.. A little unstable when folded and standing, it has to be in a certain position or it will fall over. Not crazy about the handle touching the ground when folded to stand stroller up. This might just be my daughter's preference but having the seat more upright would be wonderful, I often catch her leaning forward instead of resting her head against the head rest to sit up straight. I keep wanting to bring along a small pillow to place behind her but keep forgetting and it'll be one more thing I have to travel with that would be nice not to need. Again all of this are not deal breakers but would be NICE to have :)