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  • David Post - An Amazing ManI was surprised to find out that Richard Dawkins grew up in Africa for his early years, and later moved to England for schooling. But what really surprised me was his interest in computers and computer programming. As a programmer myself I was delighted to hear that he had even attempted writing a couple of his own programming languages to help with his research.

    This book really made me feel like I understand him better as a person, and not just the spokesman for Atheism.
  • jplumb - Binderize!!This Avery binder is the perfect tool for BINDERIZING all your favorite marginalized about orphans? You could catagorize them by skin color, age, disposition and whether or not the mother took drugs during pregnancy. And poor people? They are MADE for BINDERIZING! One section for those who are super lazy, one for the middle class families caught in the greed fest on Wall Street (well, maybe two sections for them...), and a special section for those unlucky masses who have no health care, so they are out on the street with serious mental health issues! We should include a special section in our binder for returning, where to begin? Those with one limb missing, two? PTSD? Those who are unemployed? Divorced? Let's color code the VETS with a special divider in RED. And then there are the old people, the people who don't agree with us, the people who come from other contries to live THERE'S a BINDERIZING opportunity if I ever saw one! The legals, the illegals, the terrorists, the almost legals (children born in this country to illegal parents), the criminals, the maids, cooks, busboys! Thank you Mitt Romney and Avery, for putting women on the forefront of this exciting new trend!