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  • B. Spann "Amazon Junkie" - So adorable!I gave this game to my 13 year old daughter and she loves it. I just love to watch her "pet" her little tiger. He purrs and rolls over and it's so realistic it seems like you can just pick him up and hug him. The game is fun for her too. It's not action-packed but it makes the player use their problem solving skills. Her twin brother thinks it's ridiculous but he's more of a Black Ops/Halo kid (Boys!). She always liked playing Tamagotchi, so this is perfect for her as it's more interactive. Even though we have cats, she loves to care for her virtual one. Considering she's 13 years old, it probably won't be a game she will play for very long (she's growing up), but this game would be suitable for any child who can use a Kinect system up to about 14.
    I shopped around for the best prices at Christmas and Amazon had, as always for electronics, the best price.
  • C. Miller "IdoNotes" - Must have software for anyone. Any age is never too soonEveryone puts off the creation of a will till late in life, overlooking all of the possibilities with estate, medical care, living trusts and carrying out of your wishes. It is never too early to put together all the documents and with Willmaker Plus everything is done in a simple interview fashion. You then save and print the documents, have them notorized (or whatever your state requires and the software tells you) and place them somewhere secure.

    To start the process I recommend planning an evening and having every piece of documentation you think you will need handy. Insurance information, banking, mortgage, doctors and even pet information. Also have detailed information on who you will be choosing as an agent or manager for your health, estate, finances and if needed guardianship. With all of this in hand the built in interview wizards make compiling your documents simple.

    Once you fill out information on a person, you can select them again in other documents using a built in address book feature it builds. This saves you from typing information over. You can also link documents together saying you have done a living trust saving even more steps.

    The online reference from NOLO is a resource for anyone at anytime. The even include a great handbook inside the box. At first I thought it was a large user guide until I realized the software doesn't need one!

    BONUS: for todays world the amount of information you store online is incredible. Willmaker Plus 2013 includes an entire interview section about social accounts, passwords, website,s blogs and anything else you can imagine. This gives your family and friends peace of mind they can update, delete or archive off anything you desire in your final papers. Just fill in the proper fields and it is stored.

    Just remember anytime you eve make a change, just go back and redo that document, print and have it signed. You are all set! Great software for everyone to invest in.
  • Janette Fuller - "Get Real" With a New LIfe CodeDo you give other people the "benefit of the doubt"? Dr. Phil believes you can get in trouble just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not listening to your basic instincts. This is why the "benefit of the doubt" is not advised in the new "life code".

    Dr. Phil McGraw states that some people "win" just because they play the game of life according to a different set of rules or no rules at all. In the real world, the cheaters sometimes win, the early bird doesn't always get the worm, and doing unto others as you wish they would do unto you doesn't always get you what you want, need or deserve.

    BAITERS (Backstabbers/Abusers/Impostors/Takers/Exploiters/Reckless) are those who exploit, cheat and abuse other people. They win at any cost, especially if it is at the expense of others. Dr. Phil explains the tactics, strategies, techniques and behaviors that BAITERS use to hurt you.

    The second part of this book explains how to be a winner in life. In order to be successful, you have to play smarter and harder in every part of your life. That means changing what you are doing and how you think. Dr. Phil created a "Sweet 16" list of strategies, mindsets and behaviors that he believes are necessary to change your life for the better.

    The final part of the book deals with the importance of knowing how to negotiate what you want and need. Almost everything in your life is based on negotiation.

    Dr. Phil writes a special chapter to parents at the end of the book. He believes that people who want to harm your children have more access to them than ever before. Parents must teach their children the new rules for dealing with people in their world.

    The world has drastically changed in the past 50 years. I believe Dr. Phil delivers some sound and sensible advice on how to live in modern times.

    I wish I had read a book like this many years ago. I have been exposed to many BAITERS in my life. Unfortunately, I have also used some of the tactics that BAITERS use to further my own agendas and causes.

    This book should motivate you to take a good look at how you are living your life. It is never too late to make positive changes in your choices, behaviors and relationships.

    I read the digital edition of this book on my Kindle Fire. The formatting is a bit rough around the edges, but the content is really outstanding. I think this is the best book that Dr. Phil has written. It is time to "get real" with a new life code!