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  • Amber Gilles - My most used deviceI was not planning on buying this product, after seeing the specs with the amazon kindle fire hd I was actually planning on buying that. Better screen, cheaper, etc. after I went to best buy and actually played around with the fire, I hated it. It was bulky and seemed old, you couldn't even take pictures on it! Later, I was at the apple store with my sister while she got her iPhone 5 fixed, and I picked up the mini for the first time. Not only does it feel much more classy and expensive, it was thinner, lighter, and had a perfect screen size. The keyboard is so easy to type on, I'm actually using it right now. When I am using it in public I get a lot of comments because some people haven't seen it yet! When I use iPads they seem so bulky now, I love that the mini uses more screen size on the front and doesn't waste space like the full size ipad! I use the mini basically every moment of the day unless I'm working or with friends. At school, I took notes on it and I am excited to save money on text books next year, the ebooks are cheap and look great! Everyone complains about the screen resolution, but honestly I can't tell the difference, I think it looks the same as my retina I touch. I've never been more happy with a purchase. Tumblr is flawless on this device and so is Netflix! I would definitely recommend this over a full size ipad, save yourself some cash!
  • Breezy - Love this product!I've been using this mineral foundation for over five years because it is the best I've tried. I experimented with cheaper mineral products from a drug store, but I didn't get the same flawless coverage. The coverage is very natural looking. You can control the amount of coverage you are looking for by simply applying more or less of the product. Again, this stuff is the best, and it continues to receives high ratings in magazines for a reason!
  • Gwenn Wright "(author of Filter)" - Gabaldon leaves me sad it is over, AgainAs ever, the inaudible, "NO!" resounded within me at the end of Voyager.
    This happens at the end of every Gabaldon novel I read.
    Fortunately this time I was prepared with Drums of Autumn by my side.
    Jamie and Claire are never dull and you never want them to leave you.
    Gabaldon is a master of writing at the highest level. If only history professors could bring the past to life with the same rich and lovely
    detail as Gabaldon.