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  • xenojoey - Nokia is BACK!I have been using this phone extensively since it launched on Friday and I am loving it. I have previously owned the iPhone 4S & Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me tell you, this phone is in a league of its own. Quality build as expected from Nokia. Spectacular camera. 8.7 MP Carl Zeiss Lense! Floating Lense for image stabilization. When I film, it looks like I have it on a tripod! I cannot get over how amazing the camera is on this phone. Display is bright, utra crisp, and clear. Pixel density is better than the iPhone 5. The list goes on..

    The best phone on the market with 32GB for $99.99 with 2 year plan?

    No phone can beat that. iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 16GB run for 199.99 with 2 year plan

    For what you get at $99.99, they are basically paying you to buy this phone!
  • Dr. Norma Russ - Excellent bookA doctor recommended that I purchase this book while on my last rotation as Nurse Practitioner student. It really helps and now I am making all "A's" in my pharm course and while working as NP it makes my jobs a lot easier and fast. I would recommend this book to all Nurse Practitioner students and Med Student as well.
  • brogrimm "Bill" - A most excellent product in any time!Bill S. Preston, esquire, my most excellent colleague, talked me (I'm Ted) into purchasing this most heinous cable. After removing it from the totally awesome packaging Wyld Stallions could now play their guitars with a most excellent and clear sound where before we were sounding most non-triumphant. Wait! This isn't one of those bogus Sony cables but a true Denon, dude. Our esteemed friend and most excellent guitarist, Rufus, can hook you up if you just ask. And the Babes - they LOVE this amazing piece of electronic ingeniusment! Don't be a bogus dude, Dude! Order one of these last week so you won't be sorry today! Hey, we can totally do that in our time machine! Party on techno dudes!
  • K. Daniels "T.Gray" - Winning the WarI was deep in Afghanistan on a routine patrol. Suddenly we were ambushed. Greatly outnumbered the brave men of my unit decided on a tactical maneuver to flank the overwhelming enemy force. It was at this point I became separated from my brothers in arms.

    The enemy force descended upon me and took me as their captive. They placed a sack over my head and lead me away to an unknown location. I was stripped of my belongings until they revealed the Military Green Mountain Three Wolf Moon shirt. Their awe quickly shown, they bowed before me and deeply apologized.

    The 5 fighters quickly replaced my gear. They fully dressed me in all of my appropriate equipment. Once fully dressed, I was hoisted onto their shoulders. Traversing numerous rugged mountains and many miles, the men brought me to the front gate of my patrol base. While still resting on their wary shoulders 3 men formed a crude staircase which I descended.

    Guards at the front gate, befuddled at the site, watched as all 5 men surrendered to me.

    I vowed not to take awards or accolades for my accomplishment, as the Military Green Mountain Three Wolf Moon shirt was award enough that day.
  • Bruce G. Silverman - The Big Business Tool for Small BusinessesMany years ago I graduated from college with a degree in history. (A lot of good that did!) I never took a business course in my life, and "accounting" was something accountants did. Not historians. But when I started my company eight years ago, I couldn't afford a bookkeeper, which meant I'd need to manage its finances myself... and putting invoices and copies of checks in a shoebox probably wouldn't be adequate. That's when I discovered QuickBooks Pro. It was easy to learn (with a little help from time to time from user groups that QuickBooks "Help" function connects you to), easy to use, and best of all, it enabled me to actually know -- to the penny -- how my business was doing. QuickBooks also made tax prep for my business a cinch. It's also clear that no matter how big my business grows, it's VERY unlikely I'll ever outgrow QuickBooks. I upgraded to Pro 2013 earlier this year, and if anything, it made the day-to-day user experience even better by enabling customization and providing a really good "reminder" (To-Do) feature. I think of QuickBooks as a "big business tool that works for small businesses." It's definitely helping me make my business bigger... and that's the BIG idea.