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  • Artie - Bose Solo SpeakersFantasticFantastic!. Easy to setup,great sound, totally enhances the audio from the TV. For the best audio performance I used the Optical Digital Audio connection. The TV must come with this connection on the set to use this connection. Turn up the volume and feel the bass. I purchased a second Solo after hearing the performance from the first one. Great Xmas gift.
  • Penn Name - Uranium 4 UranusWhat can I say? I'm on medication that causes severe constipation. I bought this item with one of the recommended applicators. It works like a charm! I've never been happier!!

    Wifey does insist that I use public toilets but that's a small price to pay!
  • Ramon G - Tagg The Pet TrackerEver since I got it 6 of my friends got them for their dogs. I show them the app and they fall in love. You should Hire me. LOL you guys rock at Tagg. The item just works. It's really that easy. I hope i never need to use it but if i do i know I will be able to find my dog fast and safe. The next day after we put it on my mother in law dog her dog ran away. We all shared alerts so whoever was close to home could go get her. Pulled it up on the iphone and found her at the local Park. which was about a block away. Great pricepoint Killer app Killer Hardware = HAPPY DOG AND HAPPY DOG OWNER. CHEERS.
  • DancinDoc - Stimulate the SensesI was using the 2010 & 2011 versions before this came out. I've done some research on memory techniques and it is very important to include as many senses as possible to make more neural connections & stronger memories. Seeing the diagrams in color has helped me tremendously. I also love that there are colored images right next to the diseases. In the older version you had to keep skipping to the back to see the 20 or so pages that were colored images. I ended up never looking at them. I love the new color one.

    Anyone know if the errata has come out yet?
  • Linda Clarke "L.J." - Absolutely Fabulous!!I ordered this conditioner because my hair is wavy and very dry. I have tried so many products, but this is the best! This conditioner leaves my hair tangle-free and so healthy looking. It supercedes all other conditioners I have tried. I will be ordering the larger bottle soon, because I don't want to take the chance of running out. By the way, I love the fragrance too!