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  • TheProphetFromTrailopen.com - He has no peerI have experienced - over the last 40 years - many of the states so eloquently portrayed and described by Mr Grey. These are states that go beyond the verbal consensual validations we use to describe things in our everyday speech. These are exceptionally prescient glimpses into a land beyond our 3-dimensional atomic structure, and what is so wonderful is that these universal truths are not limited by religion. It is not necessary to "be" a Buddhist, a Hindu, etc. My "Collective Vision," so similar in its representation of a spiritual 'collective unconscious,' is in no way dimmed because I hold the resurrected Messiah in my heart. These are precious truths, and we are fortunate to behold this art.
    My own journey out of schizophrenia holds many of these images as signposts ()
  • Mark S. Tenenbaum "MST from CC" - A brilliant synthesis of contemporary knowledge and metaphysicsPinchbeck is the first great 21st century philosophical figure and this book represents a truly creative and original synthesis of contemporary thought and historical knowledge about the nature of human consciousness, and an impending change in consciousness that he predicts (somewhat counterintuitively) will culminate in December 2012, coinciding with the last day of a 25,000 year Mayan calendar cycle. Pinchbeck offers a very high level romp through 19th century existential philosphy, psychedlic drug experiences, shamanism, native cultures, pop culture, art, extraterrestrial theory, quantum theory, metaphysics, climate change, sociology, religion and geopolitics to develop a theory about a fundamental change in human consciousness that will be emerging in the years ahead. This is not what I would call an "easy read" -- in fact, I found it best to read certain sections of the book out loud so that I would fully understand the complexity of his thought process and the complete depth of his meaning -- but it is well worth the effort. This is a must read for anybody wanting (or claiming) to be a 21st century intellectual. Pinchbeck's synthesis of quantum physics amd the psychedelic experience into a theory of emerging consciousness is nothing short of breathtaking. Without a doubt, this is the best non-fiction book I have read since college.