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  • Girlcancook - Wonderful Coffee Makerwow I just opened my box and made me my first Latte, and it works!!!!!! Sorry coffee shop in my neighborhood, I will be saving a lot of money now!!! actually it was much better than the shops. The frothing of the milk is nice and thick, and perfect!! I added my flavoring in after I poured it into my coffee cup. This a great product and worth every dollar which didn't cost that much at all.
    I will be saving bucks and enjoying my lattes at home.
  • Atheist Book Dood - Sam Harris Brilliant as AlwaysI don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Sam Harris is one of the most intellectually gifted men alive today. He proves it again with this, his third book, which tears down the common idea that morals are relative to culture. Sam systematically lays out his case, with wit galore and intellect to spare, that a mature neuroscience can, will, and must show us the light to a universal morality that will result in a rise in human happiness, just as a mature medicine has already led to longer lifespans. Thank you for your work Sam, and I can't wait for your next book. You are truly my hero. Please consider coming down to Atlanta sometime!
  • Personnalité- ( S. Robert Tod. ) - Perfect, in all terms!During my 20 years working as Mechanical Engineer, I can't remember any occasion when I got so satisfied in buying a book, as I am now with this book of Mrs Finkelstein.

    Such a superb book! Now I'm going listing the reasons why I'm sure this book have no pair in this area:

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    So, what else to say?

    Wow! What a book Miss Finkelstein wrote here. If you ever thought about a perfect book, that's it!

    As a Mechanical Engineer I am. I have to say, Mrs Filkenstein, thank you very much indeed!

    Perfect, in all terms!
  • Nicole Almeida "nkmda" - Best option for travel/short trips/narrow places!The Uppababy G-Luxe is not my "regular" stroller for walks and shopping (I have the Britax B-ready), but it is perfect for all the other places that I need to go that don't allow the space or don't have elevators for a bigger bulkier stroller.

    I purchased the G-Luxe after realizing that it is really a pain to haul a large stroller around with me especially in restaurants or to the doctors office. Also, my older daughters private school has NO ELEVATOR and her class is on the third floor, so unless I feel like holding my 22lb squirmy son for the hour or more meetings they have, I now have a perfect option with the G-Luxe. I can carry the stroller over my shoulder while still holding my son in my arms by using the carry strap, and it is so lightweight (especially in comparison to my big boy!)

    The G-Luxe was extremely simple to put together out of the box, I received mine around September 20th, 2013 as it was part of a new batch from UppaBaby, and I believe that they had made some minor changes to address some apparent issues with the 2013 model. I waited approximately 1 month from my time of order (from Bambi Baby), which was a bit painful, but worth it to know I had the latest model.

    It is very easy to push and steer, and really is a well made product.


    1. Easy to fold/setup
    2. Very light
    3. Nice canopy!
    4. Easy to push/steer
    5. Stands up when folded! (great when taking LO out of the car)
    6. Carry Strap integrated
    7. Easy to clean, seat and pad fully removable (LO tested this out by vomiting all over it around 2 weeks after arrival, I could remove and sanitize everything, no smells after, thankfully)
    8. Great colors
    9. Adjustable footrest
    10. Perfect handle height/no kicking wheels or stroller when walking with long paces
    11. Shocks (have not tested extensively, but seem to do a good enough job over minor rough terrain like cobbles or brick paving)

    1. Canopy sometimes pops off while folding/unfolding (doesn't seem to be a strong latch) not a huge issue but takes that extra minute to finagle
    2. Expensive, but really in the end was worth it. I compared to other higher end umbrellas and it really came out on top, but considering I paid $280 for my 2013 b-ready, and $210 for my g-luxe, I know it would otherwise be a hard sell for some. Only after staying away from my favorite restaurants/events due to large stroller issues, did I cave and pay the $
    3. Doesn't fold as compact as I would think for a umbrella stroller. It takes up one whole backseat, or a good portion of my trunk which I was not prepared for. I think it is due to the canopy, and the angle it folds into.
    4. No peekaboo window. Its a shame, but I really would have liked one, even just a tiny little one...

    Overall, I have had no major issues regarding the stroller or manufacturing. I see a lot of low star reviews based on problems which Uppababy seems to have addressed. The stroller has done for my family what it needs to do, which is provide convenience without skimping on comfort.