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  • Jack L. Aiello - Bask in Tuscan Whole MilkI enjoy Tuscan Whole Milk. It's the only milk I'll ever drink. Sometimes I have it with my cereal or with a sensible cookie, like Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip; not Oatmeal. I even use it in my coffee. When I'm feeling particularly wild, I'll even have milk the way Laura Ingalls or the Waltons did: with my dinner. With Beans and Rice, it's extra nice.

    Sometimes, I like to pour Tuscan whole milk down my boyfriend's chiseled torso for dramatic sexual effect.

    Tuscan Milk. It's Liquid White Gold.
  • Labscientst - love it!Wonderful tablet. I am not a techie but have gone the rounds with several tablets. This is my favorite tablet followed by the kindle hd. Nice sound from the speakers. Great color and definition. Love the screen size. Plays everything I want although someone had to tweak it so it would play from my prime account. The usb adaptor is unique to say the least and supposedly it can play HDMI with a chord although I havent tried it. Glad I bought this tablet.
  • Susan F. McClure - One MInute CureI purchased this used through Amazon since I did not want to pay the full price some online web sites were asking. I had also checked some reviews and did not think the full price was worth it. I did find some useful information that was worth the used book price (plus shipping). I got the book fairly quickly and it was in good condition.

    To purchase food grade hydrogen peroxide does take some research. I could not find a local retailer in the very large city I live in and finally did find an online website that reduces the percentage to 17.5% versus 30% which would require a hefty hazardous material extra shipping fee. But that is fine since it should be diluted before any type of food use.