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  • RomanzaP - Pendergast: a most interesting character...Pendergast is the most interesting character that has ever graced the pages of any novel. From the beginning(Relic), I was hooked. Preston and Child have created an albino FBI agent with a photograhic memory who is the second "man in black" (you all know Johnny Cash) to capture the worlds' attention. Pendergast is a loyal friend, an enemy to be reckoned with, and a brother not to be trifled with. I believed him to be cold and unfeeling but White Fire showed me a side of Pendergast I thought was lacking. Thank you Preston and Child for showing us that Pendergast is a man with genuine feelings.
  • A Bride to Be - Vets Best Natural Flea & TIck sprayI would recommend this product to anyone, I already have recommended it to a bunch of people. It makes my dogs scratch less. Not only does it work on the fleas but it makes their coat shiny and makes them smell great. I bought the Vets Best Natural pills too which I am not sure which product works better but as a combo I and my pets are much happier.
  • Naomi Manygoats "Cookbook lover" - Easy, fresh, inspired Crock Pot Recipes!Amazing recipes, easy to prepare, mostly fresh ingredients, well written and tested! The recipes look amazing. On my short list to try are the Asian Glazed Wings, Cajun Shrimp and Corn Chowder, Spanish Chicken and Saffron Stew, Tomatillo Chicken Chili, Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Harvest Pork Chops with Kale and Apples, Southwestern Pork Roast, Classic Corned Beef an Cabbage Dinner, and Farmhouse Chicken Casserole. I love that the recipes from America's Test Kitchen have been very well tested and edited, so I don't waste my time, cooking reputation, and expensive ingredients. Their recipes work without a lot of adjusting. These recipes are not anything like the crock pot recipes from the 1970's that I grew up with, they are inventive and fresh! The photography is lovely as well.
  • A. Boston - This is all I will use, irreplaceable!!I started using proactiv when I was around 22. I had never had acne problems as a teen, but all of a sudden around 21, I would get these large painful cystic blemishes maybe once or twice a month on my chin. They tore down my self esteem whenever I had one. I would be afraid to leave the house and try and schedule my life around the stupid things. These were not little baby white heads, They would take a week or more to come to a head and hurt like you would not believe during that process. Then, they'd take forever to heal. I'm fair with freckles, so a honkin' red mountain the size of a nickel or dime was not good.

    I ordered proactiv and have never gone back. Though there has been a time when I tried using only the face wash/scrubby stuff, it doesn't work by itself and I started to break out again. The key really is using the three steps together. Once you get used to it, it's not so tedious to have to go through all three steps. I'm 28 now. I rarely breakout and they're SO much smaller now and really can be attributed to 'that time' of the month. Everyone gets a blemish now and then, but no one should have to live with them every day. We're a household of proactiv users, as my boyfriend uses it daily as well.

    For the price I wouldn't hesitate to go and try it for a couple months(thru the proactiv website). I know it's NOT super cheap, but now knowing how it works, I would pay double in a heart beat. And honestly, it takes me probably about 6 months to go thru one kit, so it the end it's not bad at all. Also, some simple tips: Make sure your pillowcase is clean, never go to sleep with makeup on, don't touch your face unnecessarily and don't lean your face on a phone/cell phone. Those few things actually helped a lot as well!
  • Melina - Case In PointThe highly emotional reviews railing against Ms. Oster's book are exactly why this book was necessary. Too often, we rely on unbridled emotion to make really big decisions, when in reality our emotion needs to be tempered by factual data (so that we are not scared into doing something that may, in fact, be MORE dangerous). For what it's worth, I am incredibly conservative on the topic of alcohol. I myself do not drink. I am aware of and take seriously the damage alcohol can do to people. That being said, I hope that I NEVER, EVER come across as expounding the belief that alcohol is bad, hands down. While I certainly would not choose to drink during my pregnancy (for the reason that I live a sober life), I absolutely do NOT condemn those who choose to do so. I have a great appreciation for the numbers, and the numbers have clearly shown that small amounts in the 2nd and 3rd tri are unlikely to have any impact on the developing fetus. There is no arguing with that. It is fact, and it is public. Nowhere in Ms. Oster's book does she encourage ANYONE to drink. All Ms. Oster has done is collect the information that was already publicly available, and make it palatable for the average person. With all due respect to those representing NOFAS in the reviews here, this book is not going to change anything. People who are alcoholics and drink excessively during pregnancy have a problem that has probably never been influenced by medical data, not even when it was still believed by researchers that any amount of alcohol was hazardous to a developing fetus. As someone who has had to make very difficult decisions in my pregnancy, I have greatly appreciated having this book---a beacon of sanity in a period that is fraught with fear-mongering and false information. The overall takeaway is not that you SHOULD do anything discussed in the book, but rather look at the evidence (which Ms. Oster did not invent, but merely provided) and use a healthy combination of emotional and rational thought in the decision-making process.