Auckland University Medical Students Association - Auckland University Medical Students' Association.An association elected and run by medical students that exists to represent and act in the interests of medical students, providing entertainment, advocacy and support.

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  • robert johnston - Saves money right out of the box.In writing this review, I am assuming that you know when you need a lawyer and when you don't. If you operate a small technical biz like mine, you have a high dollar retained legal firm and you have experienced the monthly legal bill shock ... "That 5 minute phone call cost $200!"

    Small biz legal matters requiring a lawyer are infrequent ... the chat cost is ridiculous. This tool set won't replace the lawyering/disputes issues. It will immediately reduce paralegal charges for routine stuff like NDA's (non-disclosure agreements), labor sub-contracting, confidentiality agreements, BOD regulatory requirements, etc that run $75-100/hr for a paralegal.

    My first document was an NDA pulled intuitively from the `library'. The library downloads independently of the install disk. You simply fill in the blanks and out pops a far more professional doc then the reused paralegal generated .doc format. I don't think the client even recognized how quickly the agreement was reduced to writing as we talked. The client left the meeting with perfectly executed copies. I've only seen that done in the paralegal's office.

    Another reviewer commented that the forms are available free on the internet. That is correct as I can testify to using them but with a grain of salt. The searching, choosing and using the internet forms is time consuming and always seem at risk to the `latest law'. The LBP2011 program includes updates to keep the library legalezze current. We'll see how that part works in the future.

    There's apparently no limit on the number of seats you can add (i.e. no user key). I have it resident on 2 computers with the central file on the server. So far, an excellent product that saves money right out of the box.
  • Tomasz J. Dorosz "TOM D" - Great product.Works great and is worth the money. If you don't have a problem taking all the pills you will be happy. I only used two in the morning and two in the evening. Did not feel I needed to take more. Worked great and I am happy. Just tried a different brand and did not even come close.
  • D. OBrien "BSDetector" - Two Words: Buttery SmoothThe screen is phenomenal with zero bleed.

    Every action is zippy and buttery smooth.

    The keyboard has superb key response - better than any netbook I've owned.

    The wifi is weak. Couldn't connect to the mediocre to weak signal at my workplace. Oh well. I have a laptop for that anyway. I had no problems with wifi at home.

    GPS does not work, as advertized. Could not connect at all.

    I'm still posting a five star review. Why? Because there are a lot of false negative reviews on here, and counterbalancing those is the same effect as a statistician adjusting for variables.

    The build quality is superb and the integration with the keyboard dock is seamless physically and intuitively.

    Also, seriously, this is TEGRA 3 living up to its hype.

    With ICE CREAM SANDWICH, also living up to its hype.

    That is worth the price of admission. Two months' wait stunk, but as an early adopter, I've paid that price before. And now I have it.
  • Misty Kimble "Misty" - My Crohn's Disease is manageable w/o medsI was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last September. I was in a lot of pain because I had inflammation from my stomach all the way to the other end. Conventional meds weren't working so my doctor told me in December that I would have to go on Humira or Remicaid or would be facing surgery in the next year. Either would cost me about $600/month out of pocket. I got the BTVC and started the diet Jan 5, 08. I didn't do the intro portion and jumped right into eating whatever I wanted. I had some relief but was still taking pain meds. I joined a Yahoo group dedicated to SCD and found out about the intro diet. I started that on Feb 5. My pain stopped within 48 hours and I have only had a couple of "flares" or setbacks as I call them since. I slowly add food one thing at a time to my diet, go back to intro when I eat something that doesn't agree with me, and I couldn't be happier. The reason most people fail on this diet is because they eat advanced foods to fast. I am currently off all meds and haven't had to take a pain pill since Feb 5. Go to and look at the stages they have outlined. They don't work for everyone, but will give you and idea of what is considered an advanced food. Try the diet if you have digestive issues. I promise it's worth it.
  • Ziara - Never DisappointedWhen I saw the concert in Atlantic City I was in awe! That was the perfect venue to see Sade. The sound system was incredible, her stage theatrics were on point and it made the show even more exciting. I am so glad to have it on dvd and to have seen it in person. It might be another 7-10 years before she does another concert in the states.