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  • Oksana - Very useful and informativeI am very happy to have purchased this book. It is JAM-packed with tons of useful tips on how to make your environment safer and life healthier. Advice on everything, - great cosmetics, natural foods, easy and practical DYI's, safe home & remodel, lifestyle, baby stuff (which I was least interested in, but I know one day it'll come in very handy). She goes as far as specifying which brands she uses and recommends, from more affordable to pricier, (or how to find a home remedy alternative if she's talking beauty, if that's your thing). Lots of tables and lists in the Appendix. Very well researched (she gives you her sources, as well). Well worth the money.
  • Danny R. Milligan "Metalhead Author" - Gave me a new marriage!Literally, this product is responsible for my introduction to my new bride! I neglected to notify TSA that this particular item had been carefully wrapped in my underwear (I had heard it promoted the glow-in-the-dark capability in one's unmentionables, which I hoped would make my Lion King underwear supremely bitchin'... but I digress) Upon inspection of my carry-on luggage, I was suddenly invited to join several agents in a separate room for a more intimate review of my belongings, which entailed me having to disrobe, for some reason. When one of the ladies present had an opportunity to see what the Doctor saw, she immediately invited me out for dinner, and proposed marriage, that night!


    Of course, it would probably behoove me to tell her that the proximity of said member to said Lion King underwear resulted in a drastic increase in size. Normally, I would let her keep her illusion that I was blessed that way at birth, but said member has recently grown a rather formidable set of teeth, and I am afraid it might bite her, as it has already bitten my shin-bone several times... wondering if I should see a doctor about this... hmmmmm....
  • AlaskanGirl - 1st Novel Explores Novel ConceptWow. What an excellent first novel by James Mott, and what a creepy, uncomfortable premise, "What if the long dead began returning, how would it affect their families, towns, the world as a whole..." The book begins with an 8 year old boy who is returned to his parents 43 years later, parents who are now well into their 80's, while he remains the same age as the day he died. The struggle to decide how the "returned" should be assimilated, whether they are still fully human, where have they been until now, how long will they remain, and how does their returning affect those whose lives have moved on without them. Happiness, uncertainty, suspicious and fear, everyone who has had someone "return" to their lives faces a personal struggle, magnified by the government attempts to control the huge numbers of "returned" who are testing the towns and cities abilities to support the increased number of people. Tensions rise, opinions clash, and tempers finally boil over as the numbers of returning people become too much for the areas of containment to control. When the "returned" begin quietly disappearing in the same way they appeared, their loss is felt all over again by those who live again without them. Beautifully written, with lush descriptive phrasing and compelling narrative, this is a must-read, both intriguing and thought-provoking. Nicely done Mr. Mott.