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  • W. Richter - Works fine for mePurchased and setup yesterday. Took about 1.5hrs. I have an older HP Desktop and a newer HP laptop both running Windows 7. Home WiFi network via a D-Link 655 router. I initially skipped the WiFi setup and plugged the printer directly into the desktop. This worked fine for printing from the desktop but I could not get the laptop to connect via WiFi. Inserting the included setup disc into both computers and following the instructions for wireless network printing eventually worked. If I had done this in the first place I probably could have cut my set up time in half. Printing and scanning has worked flawlessly so far. I do not have the printer setup for faxing as I have no land line phone service in my home (cellular only). If problems with this printer occur, I will update this post.
  • Pinky Nurse - Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide 2011I needed a pocket book for work that would give me as much info as a larger book. This is excellent & easy to carry. The last drug book I bought was from 2007, so I needed something up-to-date!
  • Karlie - A Beautiful Album...I know it's a little late for a review, but I really love this album, it has to be my favorite. This album has raw and pure emotion. Anyone that thinks that Pink Floyd died when Waters left is just delusional, and not a true Floyd fan I might add. This album has a lot of great solos and the lyrics are magical. It is just my oppinion that a lot of this album is about the struggles during the years leading up to and after Waters' departure. Like in "Poles Apart" when he sings "HEY YOU, did you ever realize when you'd become?" and " The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty, I thought of you, and the years of all the sadness fell away from me" In a "Great Day for Freedom" he sings: "On the day the wall came down, they threw the locks onto the ground and with glasses high, we raised a cry for freedom had arrived." I think of Waters a lot when I hear this album, NOT because I miss him, but because I think deep down a lot of this album is about him. I think it's also about moving forward. Track number 8: "Coming Back to Life" is my favorite track. I also really love track 11: "High Hopes" it's a gripping, intense song that brings tears when I listen to it. And the solos towards the end are beautiful. I love this album so much because I can listen to it and relate to a lot of it, it speaks to me. I feel that almost anyone can relate to at least one of the songs on this album. This album brings sunshine into my life even in the dead of February.
  • Pat Stanton - It really works!It isn't the most interesting read, but the logic and discipline of it really works. I looked and felt much better after just the first week, and I lost 3 pounds to boot! After 3 weeks I'm still only down 8 pounds, same as last week, but I tended to cheat on the weekends, which involved 2 birthday celebrations and a lot of pizza, cake and ice cream. That being said, I didn't gain any weight, just didn't lose any more either, so I'm back to being strict with it. What I like about the diet is that it allows you to eat, just restrictively, until the weekend (if you start on a Monday). They say that if you can do something for 17 days, it becomes a habit. If I can do this, anyone can.
  • Desiray Collings - Awesome game, BUTthis game is really entertaining but I almost have the game beat and I need a few more achievements and my cub wont do tricks anymore like ill move around and she stares at me and I tried setting up the play space for my avi and kinect tuner but my cub just wont doa freaking thing when it comes to tricks so im very dissapointed that I cant get the last few achievements just because the game is glitching.