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  • AngelaD - Just can't get enoughWe just upgraded from a 2009 Vista to this one and are extremely happy with the product. The company made subtle improvements, which to me make a huge difference. The brake is a big one, I no longer hurt my toes trying to unlock it a well as my son being able to sit upright at the table when we go out. Also the graphite frame with the silver fabric make it look pretty sharp ;). We highly recommend this stroller to anyone!
  • Baka Desu "dialoguewiththestars" - WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SQUARE WAVESThis is quite easily the most delicious beverage I have ever been able to sample, and it makes for the best baking ever, but you have to watch your ears sometimes.

    I think it was my 2nd shipment, I broke the seal on the cap and almost went deaf. Ear doctor told me it was a 3500 Hz square wave. Thankfully I have recovered my sense of hearing, and I know know to either cover my ears or turn my hearing off when opening my Tuscan Whole Milk.

    In summary, 3500 Hz square waves are among the most potent sound known to modern man.