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  • B. Edwards "njgam" - internet securitygreat product. easy to install, it works in the background while you can still do what you are doing. Have previous year installed, this is a wonderful product, no whole lot of adjusting, great protection and I like the idea of more than one user with this product and every device gets the same protection.
  • The Truthteller - Works for meUsed for about two years. Seems to work for me. I could just be lucky and my hair loss would have slowed down anyway. However over the past two years my hair loss has bee minimal. I don't use any drugs for my hair.
  • Andrea - Amazing!!!I am absolutely in love with this!!! I have always been a "Moley" person , and I started looking into mole removal creams. One person said in a review said"don't waste your money with dermatend, just buy the main ingredient bloodroot." " it is way cheaper". we'll I did and did not like it. It didn't make my moles go away completely it made them look bubbly and acid eaten. So I tried dermatend and was 100% happy with it! I am a forever buyer;)
  • Megan Cavanaugh - If you've been laid off, get this book!This book keeps you updated on the new trends for looking for a job...yes, new trends. You'd think it would be easy to just send out your resume and get an interview, but there is an art to finding a job. With such high competition, this book gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do, how companies work, the best places to look for a job, and so on! I highly recommend it!
  • T. E. Knock Jr. - Something that actually lives up to the hype!It is about time that something out there on the cutting edge of tech actually lives up to the hype. I fell in love with the ability to "download a sample" feature. I had downloaded a sample from one of my favorites only to find that his latest book left me yawning. If I were at the bookstore I would have spent the money and put the book down long before I finished. I think that it will make authors more responsive to the reader. If it is not worth reading it just wont sell.
    I have read two books on the Kindle so far and have found that it takes very little to forget that you are reading on a state of the art device. It is far more then reading on a small computer or PDA, it is very close to reading an actual book.
    I realize that the internet and MP3 features are really sorta afterthoughts, but, it would benice to have a little more control over the music.
    I would, and have, recommend this to others and look forward to a little lite reading later on.
    one last note: this thing seems to last forever on one charge, not like a cell phone. You don't need to remember to plug it in every night.