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  • Rebecca Ellis - Darn good vacuumI was leery of a bagless vacuum, as I've tried one before and had found it messy to clean. But this little wonder is great. It empties easily into a trashcan and I haven't had a problem with dust flying around as I empty it. Neat and tidy. I like that the only parts to tend to are filters that I can rinse out myself.
    This vacuum is lightweight, agile, and very effective. It pulls a lot of dust and dog hair and dirt -- I thought my rugs were pretty clean from using a traditional bagged vacuum but this vacuum pulled the equivalent of a quarter to a half bag of gunk the first time I used it, so I must have had a lot of dust and dirt embedded that the other vacuum just didn't get.
    This vacuum is not very wide but it is light, so I don't feel like I work harder to use it. The attachments are sufficient to clean the ceiling corners easily -- something my previous vacuum could not do. It adjusts itself to any height carpet (I had doubts about that but it is true) or bare floor.
    I am very pleased with this product. The only thing it does not have is a small attachment for getting under low furniture. It comes with a large attachment for furniture -- very effective especially for pet fur -- but that is too tall to get under low dressers and bookcases. My old Hoover had such an attachment, but of course it doesn't fit the suction tube on this Shark. And I've searched Amazon but don't see any attachments of this nature for the Shark. So I still need to use the small hand-held vacuum for my car to clean under low furniture, as that one can use the small low-profile attachment. That's my only complaint. I'm pleased with the quality, ease of maintenance, lightness, noise level, and performance of this machine.
  • Fred U Guventurk - Sugar controlI have severe sugar fluctuation. I used to carry food so I won't get sugar crash. I tried few different brands.
    Some were good but some just didn't do anything. This is one of the brand that working well. instead of 1000 mg I got 500 mg and using it 3 times a day. I stopped cholesterol and triglyceride medication to avoid side effects. After 3 months I had to start
    medication again but using garcinia cambogia 500mg once or twice a day. Some people are afraid to use medication together with garcinia cambogia. I have to use it together because can't handle sugar crash anymore.
    Update:10/8/2013 Still taking statin and niaspan. I am not able to take more than 2 500 mg garcina cambogia a day. Otherwise getting palpitations and severe exhaustion. one Am and second one around 2 pm is keeping my hunger and sugar level in control. I am not experiencing the headaches and disorientation due to hunger and sugar crash. No medication will work this good to control your sugar and sugar craving.
  • Daniel Kramer - A Thriller...But So Much MoreOK, I had to buy the book because it was not available on the Kindle. That annoyed me as I love my Kindle. But I needed a good book and Lisa Gardner's book was not going to be out for a few more days, so...It took a whole day to read it, but after I was finished, I knew that I had read something special.
    It is a thriller...It is a perfect setting for a Broadway play...It is a story of a mother and a daughter...It is a thriller again...It is about what happens to everyone around you when you suffer...It is as good as it gets.
    While I was reading the book, I kept thinking of Jodi Piccoult. The deft one liners. The ability to describe an event with a corresponding emotion. The ability to hit the nail on the head as to what everyone is thinking and going through. Chevy Stevens has a gift and we are all lucky to have her books to read in the future.
    You do not need me to tell you the story of Annie and The Freak and Annie's mother and Christina and Luke and Gary. Other reviews can do that much better than I. What I can say to you is that I read about 100 books a year, most of them are thrillers. I picked up this book because Lisa Gardner reviewed it on Amazon and if she likes it, then I am going to like it. It is a great, great book. I would love to see this on Broadway. Thank you for this book. To those of you who have not yet read it, I am jealous that you will get to enjoy this book for the first time.
  • Lorraine Molloy - Great PurchaseThis product is so user friendly. I bought a different version last year which needed several updates and was difficult to use. However, H & R Block was so good about helping me through the issues last year that I decided to try again this year with a different version and I am glad I did! I would recommend this product to everyone!