BOMAid - Botswana Medical Aid Society - BOMAid - Botswana Medical Aid Society

Country: Africa, BW, Botswana

City: Gaborone, South East District

  • Lewis D. Gudmundsen "good E" - Windows 8, a new world!Always preferring full versions, I was hesitant to opt for an Upgrade application. But Windows 8 really does change that concern in offering its new "Storage Spaces" technology. Once 'n done can now be one's experience. And that makes the upgrade route a viable choice. Still, I recommend that any savings in both money and time be applied toward a welcomed resource: "Windows 8 Secrets" by Thurrott and Rivera.
  • R. Ford "Rowina" - Hungry ? Not anymoreMy doctor received an email from Dr. Oz about Garcinia Cambogia and she told me to look up the product. I'm obese and I got too scared to have gastric surgery; so I'm trying again to lose weight. You know how many products say it will curb appetite and you'll lose weight. Well so far I can say I'm not hungry, the appetite suppression does work and I lost 6 pounds without trying...meaning I didn't exercise and I was still eating poorly. I thought imagine if I TRIED, meaning I'm combining this with a protein packed green smoothies for breakfast and exercise. I tend to forget to drink now at night, which isn't good but I'm working on it. Another benefit is better sleep due to the serotonin being released and I didn't realize it for a week, but NO waking up at 3:00 AM!! I've been waking up face down, wrapped around my pillow at 5:45 am !! Dr. Oz hasn't endorsed any brand but he said to look for 50% HCA, no binders or fillers and it needs two nutrients to help absorption. Nutrigold formula is 60% HCA and its working for me.
  • L. Mai "L" - get this as soon as you can. after 3 weeks used, totally in love.I was frustrated for the 1st week about the battery life. I thought it was horrible, after 4-5 hours heavy used, the baterry ran down to 30%. So disappointed. However, I did some homework and now, I got 8 hrs used and till have 40% left. So happy. Do urself a favor, get this phone and following this:
    Problem solved.
    Beside that, love everything. Lumia 920 is amazing compare to my old plastic galaxy note 1 and the old styled iPhone. Best phone ever from Nokia. Love it. :)
  • Jonathan Hunter - Children will be children.The people giving this game a one star are all angry children and should not be listened to. They are only mad they couldn't log on flawlessly at midnight simultaneously with millions of other people(surprising I know). This game is great. If you enjoyed the first two games--you will love this one. There are no longer any log on problems.
  • Buster - excellent pet tracker at reasonable priceI received my Tagg tracker a few days and so far it has delivered. It's super accurate and customer care has been very helpful when i contacted them. I would totally recommend this product to anyone wishing to protect their pets. My dogs are always off-leash and it brings comfort to know that i will find my dog Buster when he goes in the bushes, trails.