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  • S. Posey - The PS4 welcomes you to next gen gamingDecided during E3 that I was going to go with the PS4 due to price and Sony's attention to the gamer vs. publishers with the then controversial Xbox One decision to halt used game sales. Microsoft went back on that but the good will that Sony earned, plus the $100 price difference really drew me in.

    I got my console on release day and after a few hiccups with setting up the internet (which could have been user error) I was ready to roll. The UI is basic, but that's not a negative. Everything you need is on one bar that scrolls horizontally. Your most recent games played come first and the game in the console itself is the first in line. Your video services are grouped in a video folder of sorts to avoid clutter and the overall experience of finding a game and playing it is seamless. I can see this possibly being an issue later in the console's life when there are a lot of games to sort through but I doubt this will be the design choice the PS4 has in 5 years. Software updates come and go and I'm sure it'll change.

    The real draw of any new console though is what it can do. This particular device plays PS4 games and those games look amazing. There aren't a lot of games out right now to actually play but the ones out of note include Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin's Creed 4, Need for Speed Rivals, and Resogun. If you picked up only those games you'd be set for a true next gen experience with amazing visuals and all around great games.

    The PS4 is a great investment if you're looking to get into next gen gaming on the console. The Xbox One is an alternative choice for people who want a more media focuses experience, but for those of us who want to spend less for just an all around great gaming console, you can't go wrong with the PS4!
  • Seth - Skepticism turned full circleFirst of all, keep in mind that you're getting .17oz of this product. The picture may lead one to think the packaging is comparable in size to what you sometimes see your garden variety drug store facial cleanser come in, but the tube is a bit smaller than my index finger!

    After clearing up that misnomer, let me also point out that a little bit goes a long way. I'm still working on one mole in particular, but you don't need to apply much for the product to take affect. So far, I've eliminated one mole, and another [stubborn] one is being worked on as I type this.

    As I progress with follow up applications, I'll post my results. All in all, I will say: This stuff seems to work.