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  • Mike R - The NAS Drive Works Like It ShouldThe NAS drive works as advertised. I found the setup through the web browser easy to use. I setup the NAS so that one 4 TB drive was a mirror for the other 4 TB drive. I had no trouble backing up my MacBook using TimeMachine. iTunes on my computer had no trouble seeing the drive. It was strange that audio files in AIFF format (a format developed by Apple) could not be seen in iTunes, but they could be played in iTunes. FLAC files appear as WAV files in iTunes and they play fine. The documentation talks about the WD2Go App, but it is now called My Cloud. There is also a WD Photos App. The Photo App work well and can access your NAS drive over cellular. It is a bit redundant, but it has a better viewer features than the My Cloud App, so it is nice to have. The My Cloud App is a bit lacking as a music player in terms of features. One drawback was that it does not play audio files in FLAC format (which is one of the most compatible music formats available). I used the My Cloud App to call on another App that would play the format. It's a clumsy workaround. One plus is that the App works over the cellular network, so you can use it away from home and your WiFi network. Few media Apps do that. Note that unless you have a superior broadband connection (WiFi, Cellular), the music will with pauses while it buffers data, if your audio files stored on the NAS drive are not sufficiently compressed. Large video files have the same problem. That is not the fault of the drive or the App. It is your wireless connection. The NAS drive does what it is suppose to do, even though the My Cloud App iTunes integration could stand some improvement. I am sure the iTunes integration issues are due to Apple, not WD. Therefore, I gave the NAS drive 5 stars for doing what it is suppose to.
  • Danielle Rayner - Works GreatWas taking an antibiotic for a long time. Started having an upset stomach and my doctor recommended align. Has worked great!