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  • georgiporgie - Outstanding Amazon ValueReviewing something like an Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Kaspersky vs: Norton's, etc., is Very Subjective at best. I like the apparent Comprehensive nature of the content of the Kaspersky offering. I especially like the "Virtual Keyboard" where your KB strokes are captured and encrypted before an intruder such as a "Key Logger" can intercept it thereby protecting what you are typing in. Now, in the 2013 edition, they have made it much, much easier to use. They have automated its use relieving you of making sure you incorporate its use correctly, or, it doesn't allow you to forget its proper use as it does it for you automatically... bravo... OH... did I mention that NO ONE I COULD FIND COULD COME CLOSE TO THE AMAZON PRICE? COSTCO cannot even come close. I came back to Amazon a second time because of the great value I received last year and assuming Kaspersky continues to be a leader in the Security market, I'll be back again next year... HEY KASPERSKY, we now need TABLET protection???
  • Boda - Windows 8I used it to upgrade Windows 7 home on my Dell Duo 1090. the upgrade went smoothly. For those with the dell duo with problems with the stmicroelectonics driver bundelled with the dell duo, use samsung tablet driver, worked with no problems, downloadable from samsung website.
    It a different Windows look, take time to get used to, but when you set it up and get used to it, its great to work with.
    Kudos Microsoft.
    Samsung Download Page:
  • Janet Walsh - Woop-Woop!!As a former nursing student, I strongly recommend purchasing the Kaplan NCLEX! Keep up with the yearly changes especially when you are going to take your board exam. You want the latest and greatest. I studied a lot! Reviewed all of my nursing books, answered as many questions from each topic, MedSurg, Gero, Mother/baby, etc... along with this study guide from Kaplan! I am proud to say that I passed my board exam the very 1st time!