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  • midwestern girl - Best investment for a Disney World VacationThis book was a God send. Although the people at Disney at FANTASTIC at answering questions and helping, this book gave me the information that I needed to plan a super 10 day vacation. It gave great tips of minimizing the wait in lines, which rides to try to get on first, reviews of restaurants and how kid friendly they are. With all the money a vacation to Disney World costs, the extra for this book is one of the best investments you will make to ensure you make the most out of your Disney experience!!
  • yasir - Buy itA very good book. Bought it for mu brother ( has ulcerative colitis ) n he is witnessing daily successes with it n calling me daily thankful for it... The best doctor for UC "my brother's words"
  • P. Hackett - You just can't stop reading!Diana is a master storyteller! She weaves the characters into the heart so that they become real -- at least for the moment. On a recent trip to Scotland I actually looked for ruins, graves, etc. relating to the story. Once you start this series it is hard to let it go. How can you not read on!
  • Jennifer - Love- is there any other word?Even though K2's been released, I still love my original Kindle for many reasons (which apply to K2 as well):
    - I subscribe to the NYT, which I didn't at home, and love the dose of news on the go
    - It's discreet and small, so I can place it on my white desk while at work when I need a mental break from the day
    - The wireless service is terrific and I rarely have trouble connecting to order things
    - It has encouraged me to read more in an I-have-a-new-toy-to-play-with way
    - I've owned it for 6+ months and I still want to use it every day
    - The ability to access other internet sites is a plus
    - The battery life is fantastic

    All those wonderful things being said, I wish I could change a few things (which other original reviewers had said and Amazon wonderfully fixed with K2):
    - the pointy corners can get a little painful sometimes
    - the page turning buttons are too large and pages are accidentally turned easily

    I still LOVE it. LOVE-LOVE it actually! Thanks, Amazon!
  • Janet L. Landry - Great for daily swimmersI wasn't as concerned about my hair getting wet as I was about getting water in my ears. This cap does the trick, keeps ears dry. Takes a little practice to get it on but the trick is to just wet your hands, run them through your hair and then the cap slids on easily. Also improves my swimming speed.