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  • Mr BigSpender - that's what I'm talking about !I chose 2-day shipping method but the product arrived in 12 HOURS,I'm not kidding lol
    This is great cuz my 30-day trial expired and my computer was un-protected so I didn't want to wait a long time to get the activation code.Thanks for the fastest shipping ever guys.


    Kaspersky IS 2012 is just awesome and I think it's the best you can get as of today.I've never been infected by a virus since the day I started using K.I.S. (I scan my comp with 4 different engines 3 times a month).
    If you purchase the license from you will pay twice more than in Amazon lol so $30 is a good deal IMO.

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  • SB "Reader Writer" - This really works!My daughter had a terrible sweating problem. It was making her withdrawn, she didn't participate in some things because of the fear of embarrassment, and she had such low self-esteem, thought of herself as "not pretty", etc. this is a serious hardship in a young teen. I felt awful and didn't know how to help her. It broke my heart to see her feeling so bad about herself. She always wore black because the sweat didn't show. She would look at cute clothes and then turn to black or navy because she knew she couldn't wear the light colors. When I realized how bad the problem was and that she had been hiding it, I looked into antipersperants, then medical intervention. the antipersperants did nothing to help. I had a call into a plastic surgeon who also did botox - that's how desperate we were getting. Then I saw this with all the good reviews. It seemed impossible that an OTC product could really work this well. But I thought, it can't hurt to try it. Well, I'll just say this stuff really works! She uses it as directed and it has made a world of difference! I can't tell you how it has changed her outlook on life! She also has a sweating problem on face/head. She read the reviews herself and saw where people were using this product for that as well so she is going to try it. All I can tell you is, give this a try. It is really very inexpensive for the relief you get. It lasts a long time. Good luck to anyone who has this problem. Try this - you really have nothing to lose.

    UPDATE May 2013: Just wanted to say we have reordered the product because it works so well for her! I ordered two boxes to make sure she is never without it! I can't tell you how happy I am we found this product!
  • A. Hoyos - Product worked better than expected for meI had a large mole on my face growing up that really bothered me and affected my self esteem.

    I felt that people wouldn't look into my eyes, just look at this mole.

    That's no longer the case!

    Dermatend worked overnight for me! the scab formed as promised. (I sure didn't expect it to happen that quickly. maybe 3 or 4 days...but not overnight!)

    The scab took about 4-5 days to fall off and the little redness from the scab took about another 2 days.

    Now it looks perfect! Like nothing was ever there. Amazing. I will tell everybody about this.

    Actually, I kind of have to because the people that knew me pre-mole removal ask where it went!

    Thank you Dermatend!