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  • DefiledHorror - Excellent! Armin's Overall Best Since 2004/05! Amazing!Despite other negative reviews you will see, I feel this is Armin's overall best in a long time! I normally am not the biggest fan of the 'On the Beach' CD, but this one is probably his best to date. It is loaded with too many vocal Trance tracks, but even those are listenable & good tracks. I was expecting 2012 to suck from all the negative reviews, but it definitely does not. CD2 is where you will find the good stuff! Similar sounding tracks, yes, but we are talking about Trance! The CD flows from one track to the next so perfectly, and it just keeps getting better from track to track. Also, from what I had read about lots of vocal tracks, CD2 only has two, and they don't come until near the end of the set. I've listened to CD2 a ton this past month!

    I have every State of Trance since 2004, and while I'm not sure this is the best, I'd definitely say it's in the top three or four for sure. I always like to listen to mix-sets several times before making up my mind on how I feel about it and before I review it here.

    I wanted to review ASOT 2012 to show some support for an awesome set by Armin, and I hope he can get back the #1 ranking on DJ Mag Poll. It makes me wanna puke that a house DJ has number one. Thanks, Armin, and I'll be ready for ASOT 2013!

    UPDATE: I cannot stop listening to CD2 (In the Club)! It may be up there with the greatest single disc of Trance I have ever heard. George Acosta's Miami CD2, Ferry Corsten Once Upon a Night (Vol. 1) CD2, The Thrillseekers Nightmusic Vol 3 (CD1), and most of Christopher Lawrence's CDs come to mind as absolute treasures. The second CD on ASOT 2012 is right up there. The final track on it is the only slightly weak track, but this CD is so amazing! I just had to share more of my thoughts.
  • Angelique Hancock - Love it!A couple of years ago I joked with my doctor that I work very hard to be this fat. After reading the plan I now completely understand that all of the healthy foods I was adding to my diet were actually working against my weight loss goals. Thanks sooo much for opening my eyes!