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  • Matthew Carruth "Matt Carruth" - Good color, auto-duplex printing, fast setupI've had an Hp2600n since March of 2005 and decided it's time to get a new printer. I will echo the comments of some of the other reviewers that this printer series nomenclature is confusing:
    * 451dw: auto-duplex, wireless
    * 451nw: wireless
    * 451dn: auto-duplex
    Be very careful which model you order. I tried to order the 451dw because I wanted auto-duplex and thought wireless would be nice to have, but mistakenly selected the 451nw which didn't have auto-duplex. I returned it and got the 451dn. Note: if you want duplex printing then you need the "auto-duplex" feature. The 451nw is listed as a "duplex" printer, but it only will print on both sides if you take out each page and manually reload it.
    I digress: my setup experience was a breeze. I plugged in the power and Ethernet cables and turned off the Smart Install feature on the front panel of the printer. Next, I set a static Ethernet address and then used the Control Panel/add printer feature on Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit systems). It found the printer immediately and I used the "have disk" option. It loaded on all 3 of my PC's w/o any issues.
    I was able to use Airprint on my iPad without any setup issues after I connected the printer to the LAN.
    The photo on the test page looks surprisingly good for a laser printer and the text is sharp.
  • niazelie - it really worked after 3 monthsering from acne since I was 17, and cystic acne since 23. I am 31 years old and ive tried pretty much everything. The only thing that was working was accutane but couldnt continue because I couldnt afford it anymore. Went online and decided to buy the regimen, because I was just desperate and I had tried everything else. The first two month my face was very dry and almost quit. But then read some reviews and some people noticed changes after 3 months. Im so glad I did. My face is not perfect but its the best ive had ut in years. Its clearing up and all the dark spots are dissappear ing, im so happy. Stick to it, give it time and use it under make up as well, best of luck to you all
  • Student Mom - Couldn't put it down!I've only had this book for 2 days, and I just finished reading it. I remember when Elizabeth Smart was captured and also when she was found. It was incredible to read about what she went through, now that I'm older and have an adult's understanding of what happened. I don't know if I would have had the same strength she did to survive, and to also overcome and move on with her life as she has done. It was so inspiring to me! I highly recommend this book, especially if you have or are trying to overcome sexual abuse. It may help to see that it is possible to heal.
  • Lauren Bollaert - Fits like a glove!I have the macbook pro 13.3 inch (not retina display) and this case fits pretty much perfectly! It feels like my computer is being kept safer and this case will for sure protect from any scratches that might happen. It does make the laptop a little bigger than the original size and when I got my sleeve to put the laptop in, I bought the 14 inch sized so the laptop with the case on fits very well. I recommend!
  • E. J. Davis - Changed My LifeAfter about a month of taking Align, there was a drastic change in the behavior of my stomach and bowels. If I ate responsibly for IBS and took Align every day, I had very few episodes of stomach cramps and diarrhea, and the constipation and pain occurs a lot less frequently as well. i highly recommend anyone with IBS or even with a little stomach upset to give Align a chance. But make sure to give it a month to see any results. I promise it's worth it!