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  • Toddler Mom "Mia" - FINALLY! A pen to call my ownOh BIC, I just wanted to take a moment away from my knitting to thank you for creating a line of pens just for me! I can't tell you how long I've waited for a pen to call my sleek and feminine, and the pastel colors are just lovely. They go beautifully with the floral print sundress I wore to pick wild flowers today! For years (especially through graduate school), I was so ashamed of my masculine hand-writing. I thought there was something wrong with me, that perhaps I just wasn't woman enough, but alas, no! It was those masculine pens I had been forced to use! Thank you BIC, thank you, for setting me free!
  • Jeffery MAynard - Little girl loves it.My 3 year old got this for Christmas and she loves it. I wish I could get a tablet this rugged and reliable for the cost of this "toy." It does everything an adult device does, granted just not as pretty a display. But drop your Android tablet off the kitchen table and see what happens!
  • Dale Kronemeyer - Life changingWhat a change from the modern church where the desire to reach the masses comes in a form of "seeker friendly" programs and impressive church structures. David Platt's book Radical is truly the correct Biblical view of not bringing God's Word into conformity with what fits our lives, ministires and church culture but challenging us from the very words Jesus "to take up your cross and follow me". I believe that if pastors read this book, it could have the impact of changing not only their ministries but changing the world.