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  • no name - Great price Great productI'm not sure what the difference between the "old' version and whatever is new. It's 2012 and works perfectly after my previous version expired. I've used Kaspersky for 4 years. I won't use anything else. Anyone who says this is a resource-eater probably needs a new computer. I don't know the thing is running. I have absolutely no issues with performance. I don't go to a lot of rogue websites, yet Kasperky has found some websites with Trojans and viruses. It's the best for my usage.
  • James Thompson - Best Tablet I Own!I chose this as a gift for my wife because she loves to read. It works fantastically for reading, also own a Surface RT and a Nexus 7 with the Kindle app but this surpasses that experience by far! I also like the older version because of the larger assortment of accessories and the front facing camera. I recommend anyone considering a tablet who also enjoys reading to purchase this. DO NOT HESITATE. Stop. Stop Thinking. Buy It. You will not be disappointed!
  • ethomas3281 - Wish there were more than 3 booksThis is one of the best post-apocalyptic novels I have read. The characters are well-developed, the idea is original and the author is hilarious. I'm hoping he writes another trilogy with these characters because I did not want the story to end. I'll be sad when everyone else discovers how good Hugh Howey is because then I'll have to pay more than $5 for his books.
  • J. Sullivan - Awesome BatThe Louisville Slugger Z-1000 is an incredible piece of sporting equipment! It's balanced just right; the composite structure makes for a lightweight bat that swings quite nicely and it'll whack 'em pretty good, too!

    It has a straight grip, which is perfectly comfortable for me, so far. I'll hold off on the custom tape job until after it gets some miles on it.

    The silver and black graphics and gold embellishments are sharp - I really like the look.

    I'm completely satisfied with the overall high quality and exceptional performance of the Z-1000. It's covered with a one year, one-time warranty; I expect it will last a long time.
  • jrjones - Wonderful VacuumI have been wanting a Shark, ever since I've seen the infomercials. But I didn't want to pay those prices. So I looked up them here on Amazon and found this deal. I got the vacuum very fast and about broke my neck to open it. WOW. I put the 2 pieces together, plugged it in, and away I went. I can't believe how well this thing picks up! I have (4) long haired 4 legged feline children and they shed a lot. I have a silver carpet and their hair shows up very noticably. With this vacuum, one pass thru and the hair is gone! And the pet brush works just as beautifully on my furniture! What a great purchase!