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  • Harriet Klausner - Exhilarating romantic suspense novelThe past year has been the hardest year of Grace Hall's life. The year began with promise as she married a Count just like her beloved father wanted her to wed, but went down hill since. Her father suddenly passed away and she is divorcing her spouse. She is also being challenged as the CEO of her father's legacy, the Hall Foundation by the board and her dad's right hand man who felt he earned the head position.To make her year more miserable, someone is killing six women who made a magazine's notable list. Two are dead and Grace is on the murder roll. Desperate, she reluctantly hires John Smith, head of Black Watch, Ltd. as her bodyguard. He is an expert at hiding his feelings, but Grace seems to get inside his skin as occurred when they first met and kissed before the initial homicide. As they fall in love, he rejects the notion of forever because she is glitter and he is mud, yet he will willingly die to keep his beloved safe from a serial killer who has easy access to victims living behind secure walls.UNFORGETTABLE LADY, the sequel to HEART OF GOLD (which introduced Grace), is an exhilarating romantic suspense novel that sub-genre fans will enjoy. Though the villain seems odd, fans will enjoy the action, not just the serial killer subplot as the tension between the delightful lead duo grips the audience as well. Fans will demand more stories from those alpha Black Watch hunks and hopefully a hunkette too.Harriet Klausner
  • Catbird - An Addict all the sameLet's get serious. Love Addiction, Avoidance Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Food Addiction. Don't fool yourself, it's all the same. It's a painful compulsive behavior. It's a sickness and you'll need help. Pia Mellody does a great job of explaining the "disease" and laying out steps to overcome it. Take her advice. Do the work. I am a happier healthy person because I used her advice as one of my tools for healing.
  • BronteFan - Just buy it-you'll be glad you did!I love lattes but the nearest coffee shop is more than 30 minutes away and not exactly workable in my schedule on a daily basis since I work from home. This thing is awesome: it makes great regular lattes and the easy-to-follow recipes included with the machine made it a snap to make fantastic gingerbread and chocolate lattes. It also makes a mean cup of hot chocolate. I haven't tried making hot tea in it yet but that's the only thing I haven't experimented with yet. I use about half of the amount of espresso/coffee they say to use though (but I do use either Starbucks espresso or Cafe Verona coffee). Also, it's totally true that skim milk whips up higher than regular or 2% milk so use a little less than the mark on the carafe when making a latte if using skim milk. I experimented with using hot chocolate mix instead of the chocolate chips they recommend using and it turned out very well also (put the milk in first, then the powder-mix). I just wish it was larger and had a greater capacity but other than that, I just love it. Buy it, you won't regret it!
  • David C. Kraus "Stereo Lover" - Wonderful piece of glass!This is a terrific lens--the equivalent to 16-35mm on a full sensor camera. I've had a 20mm in the past and love the wide angle view. The 10-22 even adds 4 mm to the viewing angle so you can take even more unique pix with it. Canon is it as far as I'm concerned. I've owned several of their cameras and loved each one. Now, with the D30, I can fire away at will. In addition to the 10-22, I carry the 17-85 and the 70-300 DO lenses. Makes for a range of 16 to over 400 mm, enough to tackle nearly all shooting situations.
  • richiepattico - Extremely fast, intelligently designed, operationg system!I don't understand why everyone hates on Windows 8 so much. It is different then the previous Windows OS, but its fast and intelligently put together. Its installation is self-explanatory. And it is compatible with everything (games/apps). Also, it runs MMOs better then Windows 7 in my opinion (I use the 64-bit version).