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  • R. SHARIFF "rayhans1282" - Kaspersky >>> norton/mcafeeI love Ksperskys antivirus program. I have consistently used it since 2010. I have also tried other products such as McAfee and Norton and Titanium but none of them compares to Kaspersky as far as cpu usage, real time protection and updates. 2012 edition continues in the same edition with a more updated virus library.
  • T. Teater - A serious and important discussionI read an excerpt from this book on Alternet and when ahead and bought it. Mr. Balko starts with a brief history of police forces from Ancient Rome, England and of course America from colonial policing forward. Mr. Balko's description of the extent of militarization of policing in contemporary America with it's concomitant rise in police brutality and violence is truly shocking with heavily armed and masked SWAT teams being used to serve warrants and arrest people suspected of even consensual crimes such as cannabis use or gambling. He also discusses English common law and some of the various court decisions that have in my view, gutted the Forth Amendment and the "Castle Doctrine." A large part of the discussions are necessarily related to the so called "war on drugs," and he makes the case that even non drug users can be victimized by overzealous cops via the wrong address, an informant giving false information, or an innocent family member being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish everyone would read this book!
  • A. H. Klein - Has exceeded my expectationsMy hair is dark. My skin is white. I guess I'm the perfect combination for it... And, this device has met my wildest expectations. After only two uses over the past two months, regrowth is absolutely minimal on my legs. Two weeks following this last treatment, regrowth is both quite sparse and quite short.

    On the downside, it's a lot more costly than I'd thought, and it is time consuming to use. Each time I use it, I go through about 7 cartridges to cover my entire body, and the entire process (to do an entire body) takes about 12 hours (legs-only takes maybe seven). While that may sound absurd, still, the cost compared to a professional is quite cheap and the time compared to regular shaving is not bad if it really lasts indefinitely after eight uses. Further, and more importantly, no ingrown hairs if the hair doesn't regrow--and that, by the by, has been my experience!

    I would and do recommend this device to others. It's fantastic... But, perhaps the next generation will cover a larger surface???
  • Miguel Cruz - You will notice the difference.This is what you want from a Desktop External Hard Drive, a large capacity, fast transfer rates and quiet operation. The unit is discrete and the Piano Black finish goes well along the same line of higher-end products. USB 3.0 is fast, I've moved 7GB files within a few minutes and played them off the drive with no lag. Easy as plug-and-play to set up and includes some additional software from Seagate that allow you to set up automatic back up. You can unplug it and take it with you due to its "Book" design, but having to cary a power cord and connection cable make it more desirable as a unit that will stay on your desk.
  • Michael L. Giro - Tastes great on nachos!I really love hot sauce and while at first I was skeptical about using this on my nachos to spice it up a bit, my fears were relieved when I saw The O'Reilly Factor with Megyn Kelly. She said "its essentially a food product". Great! I thought to myself. Now I can finally try this stuff on my nachos and boy was she right! This stuff is damn tasty, I don't know what those dumb Davis cops were thinking spraying this on those unruly college kids. If I were those kids I'd bring a plate of nachos or maybe a burrito next time cause this stuff is fantastic! Enjoy with Megyn Kelly's blessing.