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  • Tony Dimartino - Great reference guideSecond book I own in this series, this is a GREAT book. Good reference guide when you are looking for an answer to a question, a hint on how to model something or sexy images to show your boss that Revit can look good. It is easy to follow and understand with an index full of keywords to look for. The price is definitely worth it for the amount of information you will receive from this book!
  • Mark S. Tenenbaum "MST from CC" - A brilliant synthesis of contemporary knowledge and metaphysicsPinchbeck is the first great 21st century philosophical figure and this book represents a truly creative and original synthesis of contemporary thought and historical knowledge about the nature of human consciousness, and an impending change in consciousness that he predicts (somewhat counterintuitively) will culminate in December 2012, coinciding with the last day of a 25,000 year Mayan calendar cycle. Pinchbeck offers a very high level romp through 19th century existential philosphy, psychedlic drug experiences, shamanism, native cultures, pop culture, art, extraterrestrial theory, quantum theory, metaphysics, climate change, sociology, religion and geopolitics to develop a theory about a fundamental change in human consciousness that will be emerging in the years ahead. This is not what I would call an "easy read" -- in fact, I found it best to read certain sections of the book out loud so that I would fully understand the complexity of his thought process and the complete depth of his meaning -- but it is well worth the effort. This is a must read for anybody wanting (or claiming) to be a 21st century intellectual. Pinchbeck's synthesis of quantum physics amd the psychedelic experience into a theory of emerging consciousness is nothing short of breathtaking. Without a doubt, this is the best non-fiction book I have read since college.
  • Alexander Jimenez "AJ" - it was worth the wait!awesome piece of hardware! works great and no issues so far. ive been playing at least 4 hours a day almost every day and works great!
    the new remote is the best remote i have ever try, so comfortable its like it was custom made for my hands! the camera still has a lot of catch up to do! few commands and you have to be very specific going into menus to use specific commands, some games will not respond to the commands when you are playing. like if you want to turn it off you first have to say power and then you can say turn off ps4 or if you are playing battlefield and you say playstation the voice command prompt wont come on (at least on my experience is like that)
    i cant take any starts off since all the media features that are missing were announced prior release and like sony said will be add on future updates.
    I also own a Xbox one and i like the ps4 more but have to admit that the xbox one games right now have some edge on the ps4 ones.
  • Bryan Gusdorf - Third Time is the Charm - Buy Bose SoloHopefully my review will save you the hassle of getting/testing 3 different sounds systems.

    My first purchase was an LG sound bar 2.1 wireless soundbar with subwoofer. I figured my TV was LG and wanted to keep with the brand. I plugged it in, was happy with the fact that my remote turned the unit off and on and the fact that it had bluetooth so I could listen to my music from my ipad and iphone. The sound was definately an improvement from the TV, but I expected more, I didn't get the big theater sound I was hoping for and the subwoofer had more of a booming affect. So I boxed it up and moved on to my next purchse.

    I decided to purchase the ZVOX Soundbase 555 system. Easy set up, amazing sound, turned on and off with my DirectTV remote. I was able to adjust bass, treble according to my likes, however Bluetooth was not available. After a few days I decided to return the system due to the fact that it was too big for my entertainment center and did not fit in the cabinet.

    So my third attemp to find the perfcet sound system without being the main object in the room lead me to the Bose Solo TV system. You simply can't go wrong with Bose! I hooked up the system in minutes and was happy to finally hear the big theater sound that I had been looking for. There are a few things that I sacrificed with the Bose system, but at the end of the day, it is the sound that I wanted and I got it with Bose. The amazing Bose sound is by far the advantage of this system, and the disadvantages are: 1. No power button on sound box, the remote is the only source. 2. No volume number so you do not know how loud the system is but you can hear it. 3. You can not sync the power button to your remote control. 4. No bluetooth compatibility. 5. No adjustments to adjust, bass or treble. (I guess they figured you can't mess witha good thing!

    Very happy with my Bose Solo TV System.
  • G. Ware - Great complete seucrity productI gave this to my brother to help protect his kids pc's who often have major problems after getting hit with a virus at college. This version provides good overall internet protection for just this type of situation. Providing virus protection as well as malware, spam, firewall, and identity theft protection, just to name a few features. So far they are happy with the product as it runs well on their pc's and doesn't slow the pc down. I do like the central management feature of this product that allows you, as a parent, to centrally manage the product on the pc's you have installed them on. This allows you to setup parental controls and prevents kids from changing those settings on their pc.

    For some users this type of product may be over kill but when you are trying to protect your family's pc's from many internet related security threats, this is a great product at a great price.