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  • _niki - Great Read for Expecting RebelsI absolutely love this book and i am not even half way through it. I followed all the rules for my first pregnancy and always questioned everything. On to my second pregnancy, i am so glad that someone took the time to write such a informative book about the main things that us pregnant women question. Great Read!
  • M. Williams "MBW" - Great GiftIf you aren't ready to sell your newborn child to buy an ipad, this is a great first step alternative. It gives you the feel of what a tablet is like and has awesome features. There is a benefit of having a prime membership and this Kindle. I have the original and other later versions as I love to read, I bought this for my sister and niece as they like the other features (web, videos, games, etc). I love how it encompasses everything into one tablet.
  • "poiuyt03" - One of the Floyd's best albumsLast year, I fell in love with Pink Floyd. The first album I bought of theirs was DSotM, then The Wall, WYWH, Meddle, and now this. Out of these five albums, this is tied with Meddle and WYWH for the best album Pink Floyd's done. Of course, I haven't listened to every single album of theirs, but out of the five I have listened to, this is definitely one of their best. The first track is 'Pigs on the Wing 1', a quiet, one minute acoustic song with Waters as lead vocals. This and the end track of Animals are vital to the album as a whole; without these two songs, Animals would not be as good. The next track is the 17-minute masterpiece 'Dogs', in which David Gilmour and Roger Waters talk about one of the three classes of humans in the world. The middle of the song features an outstanding guitar solo from Gilmour, the best he's ever done besides Comfortably Numb. During the middle of the guitar solo, Water starts to sing, and at the end, he sings 'Have a good drown, all alone, dragged down by the stone...' The word 'stone' is then repeated for about a minute while it slowly fades away into nothingness. Very interesting. After 'Dogs' is my personal favorite, 'Pigs (Three Different Ones)'. An 11-minute piece, Waters bashes three types of 'pigs' in the world (the third being an actual person): the obese, the homeless, and Mary Whitehouse. I love this track, simply for its strong and powerful lyrics ('Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are... Mary, you're nearly a treat, but you're really a cry'), and the great music accompanying Waters' bitter and angry voice. Like I said before, my personal favorite on the album. The final classification of humans, 'Sheep', a 10-minute cut is probably my least favorite track on the album, but it's still very, very good. Towards the middle of the song, there's a very creepy sort of interlude where... well, you'll just have to listen to it for yourself. My favorite part of the song is when in the background, the words 'stone' start up again from 'Dogs', fitting in perfectly with the melody; it sounds really cool when you actually hear it. The last song, 'Pigs on the Wing 2', is a reprise of Part 1, finishing off Animals with a reminder that no matter how bad the world may be, love still exists... corny, I know, but it makes enough sense to me. To sum it up, this album is a must-have for rock and roll fans, especially if you like prog-rock and/or acid-rock, or if you have a strong opinion on politics and the world. Pink Floyd was way ahead of its time, and because of that this album is one of my favorites of all-time.