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  • mugirl113 - Great MS Money replacement!I had been using MS Money for about 10 years and decided to convert to quicken a few months ago when sites I used sent me notifications that they would no longer be supporting Money. I was very hesitant at first and read as many reviews as I could get my hands on before purchasing Quicken.

    My experience with it has been very good so far. I've been using it since about mid November (around 3 months) and I've been very happy with what it offers. There have been a few things that I have missed from Money, but overall this is great. I track spending from Checking, Savings contributions, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Student Loans, Home Mortgage, and my 401k and it works seemelessly with all of them. Ofcourse there was a learning curve and just like anything that is new and different you may find yourself missing your old product that you were accustomed to during your learning process with the new product. Once I got familiar with all the ins and outs of Quicken I'm very happy with it and think it is a great substitute to MS Money and exceeds MS Money in quite a few areas.
  • tommythegun "tommythegun" - Can work on receding hairline and easy to use too!I've had a steadily receding hairline since age 22. I'm 31 now. I started to use Propecia three years ago, which slowed the progression and allowed me to grow some back, but ultimately proved to be just delaying the inevitable. I started using Rogaine Foam two months ago, after I gave up trying to use liquid Rogaine years ago because I found it too cumbersome to work with and it dripped into my face. All I can say is wow. In two months, I've had hair coming back on my head in places that I haven't seen since I was a teenager. It's steadily getting thicker and darker too (though I have some thinner, paler, vellus hair on the sides still). I have enough now that I actually have to be concerned about styling it every morning for the first time in years. This is all after only two months, which supposedly isn't even very long into Rogaine's full effectiveness. And, as I get more hair and grow it longer, I have more options to style and cut it.

    In short, Rogaine does work on receding hairlines and frontal hair loss, no matter what they say. For the sake of disclosure, I still use Propecia as well, plus Nizoral, but I've seen results from Rogaine very quickly and dramatically in my case.

    The stuff does have a bit of a sweetish smell to it that I find a little distracting, sort of like hairspray but stronger. It also leaves my hair where I use it a bit stiffer and clumpier. But it is much easier to work with than the old liquid Rogaine, and supposedly it's more effective as well. You have to use it twice a day (I do morning and night), and you're not supposed to wash it out until it's been able to sit for at least four hours. I recommend letting it dry, then styling or fluffing afterwards with a comb. Takes a little extra bit of time in the morning, but the results are well worth it!