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  • R. Oddone - Excellent Read.Asians book Zealot is well written and very readable. I would recommend it for every thinking Christian. He has a good grasp of history and the violent times in which Jesus resided. While his history is well documented he stretches theologically to force Jesus and his mission to fit into his premise that Jesus had a political agenda equal to his spiritual mission. Asian boldly asserts that writers such as the apostle Mark were not as interested in the resurrection as they were with the political movement of the times. However a reading of the last two chapters of Mark clearly undermines his assertion. He argues that the gospels were written after the Judean uuprising and meant to apease the Romans. The dates of the writing of the snynoptic gospels have never been definitively established but Luke clearly basis his Gospel and the Book of Acts on the "many writings" which preceeded his and Matthews writings, allowing for the real possibility that much in the gospels could easily be based on events prior to 68 a.d. Asian's history predating the birth of Jesus es excellent as is his assessment of Roman problems and attitudes in 34 a.d This is an excellent book. I read it twice and highly recommend it. Ric Oddone
  • Jennifer D Thomas - Refreshing ;)So a friend recommended this product to me. It was not available in my local drug store, but no need to worry because Amazon has everything.

    I have never used a intimate "refresh" product like this before. The gel applicators were easy to use and the instructions were clear. Each applicator came individually wrapped.

    After using the product, I did feel refreshed and clean. I am happy with the outcome. I would order it again.
  • D. Smith "..........." - Great Read, I Miss Artie. He Truly MADE The Stern ShowGreat Read. I Just Finished The Book. I Did Not Buy This From Amazon Myself, It Was Bought As A Gift From A Family Member.

    There is not much I can add to this review because there are several great reviews already posted. I just want to say that yes, this book it great. It will only be great to the old die hard Stern fans that grew with Artie on the show. As a listener to the Artie years of the show, I feel this connection to Artie because the man is so truthful and interesting so this book was right up my alley. I do believe this book is only intened for those people like myself.

    Only complaint I do have about this book is Artie does not realize and accept the fact that HE INDEED MAKE THE STERN SHOW. The show peaked during his years there because of him. Stern got to go to Satalite because of Artie. Stern made over a Billion Dollars because of Artie. The show has fallen off since his departure. A departure Artie did not deserve. There are several staff members, some currently there and some that are gone, who have done way worse than what Artie did. Robin is a main example due to her suspicious sickness that she received during the same time her foundation was under suspicion of fraud by the IRS. Anyway, Artie is one of the greatest comedians and was the main character of the Stern Show. Howard should have paid and treated Artie better because without Atrie, there is NO SHOW!

    Artie, I wish him the best because he deserves it and I appreciate him for writing this book and letting us into hsi life again after these 2 plus years that he has been away. I have missed that.