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  • Robert A. Saunders - Well worth readingHarris' basic premise is that moral judgments are a suitable subject for scientific inquiry. Since such inquiry is provably the only way that we can actually learn anything, either Harris is right -- or the subject of morality is totally beyond our understanding. Given the confusion that reigns in the moral landscape, it is clear that developing understanding is of great importance, and Harris makes a good case that it can be done. In particular, he rejects the premise that any sort of religion can be a suitable source of moral guidance (which should be obvious, considering the multifarious nature of such), and particularly takes Collins' The Language of God to task as an example of intellectual suicide -- a conclusion with which I heartily agree.

    For more on the Collins book, see: Cunningham, Decoding the Language of God.
  • serendipity - Life changing productBought this for my 82 year old dad from a local warehouse store after reading the helpful reviews on Amazon. He has suffered from a crazy combination of GI problems including constipation, diarrhea, gas, distended stomach, frequent bowel movements, stomach aches, dark stool, incomplete emptying and on and on.

    After 1 week of using Align, his bowel movements and general GI health have returned to a state last experienced 2 or 3 decades ago. I wouldn't believe it except it is happening to my dad. Now with his bowel movements healthy, he feels more invigorated and energetic. I hear him on the phone raving to relatives about how this pill has changed his life.

    My recommendation for anyone with GI problems is to give it a try. It may change your life, or it may not work at all - but then at least you can rule it out. It's worth the try because the upside is so great. Those many reviews on amazon of people whose lives were changed by this product is what got me running to the store and buying this product for him. I would start with a starter pack (14-days) which shouldn't cost you more than $10 - $14 bucks.

    At this point, I don't know if he can stop taking Align and still maintain his GI health, but seeing how much good it is doing for him, I am more than happy to purchase him this product for the rest of his life if need be.
  • Kenneth Wolman - Sucks you right in despite yourselfI do everything out of order, so I read Bring Up The Bodies before I read Wolf Hall. I still have to go back to he earlier novel. I still didn't know what to expect with Bring Up The Bodies, but I discovered a Cromwell with surprising gentility and class, a far distance from the sadistic brute in The Tudors or the schemer of The Six Wives series. The Cromwell I read over in British Tudor history (I'm a freak for the English Renaissance, BTW) is a brilliant administrator but ruthless time-server whose acts of personal service to Henry VIII get him in so far over his head via the German marriage that he's bound to lose it. A nobleman might not have suffered Cromwell's fate but Cromwell lost all his friends at Court and was "naked to his enemies," as was his old master, Cardinal Wolsey.

    It took me awhile to get into the novel. Mantel does not make it easy for a reader. She does not write Tudor English nor does she dumb down her language. Instead, Bring Up The Bodies reads like a Victorian novel, with some hard going but tremendous rewards for those who persevere. The vocabulary in places is downright antiquated (I had to look up words, me with my Ph.D.), and I'm still not sure I got it all right. Yet there are moment where it reads like a vision.

    The inquisition of the accused men is terrifying because there's no physical abuse to speak of. Cromwell threatens Mark Smeaton the stupid musician who has flown into the Chancellor's web; but we don't see him being tortured, if indeed he is. He just begins to blurt out one name after another of men who slept with Queen Anne. Did they? It's left soft of in the air. The hardest to believe is the allegation against George Boleyn, Anne's brother. Incest is as astounding a charge astounding gets, and it remains all but impossible to believe--yet Henry himself believes it and sends George to the block.

    I mean to go back and read Wolf Hall and then return to Bring Up The Bodies. And I look forward to the final part of the planned trilogy, in which Cromwell himself is reported to meet his own end.

    Read this book.