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  • AshesnSackcloth "A." - A very good read!Terry has done it again. I could not put this book down. The characters are very relatable and truth be said I know them, and you probably do too!
    Thanks Terry keep doing your thing, I laughed, I cried and got in a few Lord have Mercy. I will be waiting for next book.
    Arlene... (not to be confused with the character Arlene because she was a hot mess)
  • Dave L. Rupel "gpguy" - Healing Psoriasis: The Natural AlternativeI have been afflicted with psoriasis for the last 37 years. During that time I have tried almost every treatment that has been made available to me through the medical profession along with a few ideas of my own. At one time, I spent 2 weeks in the hospital at Stanford University Medical Center while being treated for a very serious level of skin involvement. I joined the National Psoriasis Foundation at a very young age in order to find out whatever I could about my disease and any possible methods of relief. There have been many times that my skin has temporarily cleared either partially or fully only to have the lesions return in short order. When I found out about this book in November 2001, I was ready to try anything. On December 15th, I started following the instructions as best as I could from Dr. Pagano's book. My psoriasis increased for the next several months (just as described in the book) and then finally started to show signs of improving. It has been 8 months since I started and my skin is now almost entirely cleared. It seems there is some sort of cycle where my skin improves greatly and then holds or even gets a little worse for a short time before improving even more. I am convinced that this book holds the key to curing psoriasis for anyone who is willing to make the effort and stick to the program. I recommend this book highly to anyone suffering from psoriasis with the understanding that it will not be easy and the reader must be persistent for whatever time period that might be required.
  • Dragife "Risky Business" - Realistic expectations give this 5 stars!Ok, does this thing shred flesh off of your foot like a cheese grater? No. And who wants that? What kind of plastic coating have you grown on your foot for this not to work? I'm 43 and I just started to get calloused heels. With cracks. I HATE that! Its ugly. And its rough and I hate feet enough as-is and always prided myself on having nice feet. So a friend sent me the link for this as a joke because they knew it would make my knees weak when the flesh started ripping off of people's feet like it does in the infomercial. Thats the ONLY problem with this tool. It works. Plain and simple. Read the directions people! It says if you apply too much force it will stop. Thats called a safety feature. If it didn't stop it would literally be like a cheese grater and would rip your flesh off of your foot and you'd be suing the company. If you want that kind of torque? Go to Home Depot, buy a screwdriver end file buffer and hook it up to your Craftsman electric drill and have at it. But you're going to hurt yourself. I'm speaking from experience! Yes. I did that! Don't do it. This tool is PERFECT. The only problem with it is that you do need to read the directins and NOT apply too much force. Think of it as painting your feet. You go gently over them and it will work. Apply too much pressure? It will stop. I used this for 2 days now. Got it Sunday. Put lotion on my feet after each use. Completely callous free and soft now. If you let your dogs get sloppy it might take longer but you're talking layers of dry crusty skin then so be realistic. You didn't grow that mess in a day so its not going to come off in a day. But if you use this properly it is fantastic! Just remember..Alkaline batteries as recommended...fresh ones...full charge. And lightly go over your foot like you are painting. If you need something more hard core than this then get out your Craftsman but I recommend this 100%! It works if you follow the directions....which most of these people complaining about "if you press too hard it doesn't work" didn't do. It says it several times....its a buffer, not a grinder. Just had to give it a fair review because I like it better than my Ped Egg now!