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  • Laurel-Rain Snow "Rain" "Rainy Days" - CHILLING AND UNFORGETTABLE TALE....From the first page until the last, Chevy Stevens' thriller Still Missing takes the reader on a horrific journey.

    Young realtor Annie O'Sullivan is conducting an open house, and just when she is ready to leave, she has one last customer. He looks like a very nice, mild-mannered and polite person. He is charming. And then, almost before she knows it, there is a gun at her back and next she is locked in a van. Much later, she is in a remote cabin, locked in and the beginning of her grueling year as a captive begins.

    The story unfolds for the reader in a series of therapy sessions, so we know right away that somehow she has survived her captivity. In the sessions, we discover the cruel "rules" of her captor; the indignities she went through; the repeated assaults. But as she points out, the aftermath is equally grueling, in many ways...the constant stream of questions from reporters, the movie deals, and worst of all--her fear of everyone and everything.

    For when she finally escapes--and I won't tell you how or when that happened--she still doesn't know who her captor was or why it happened.

    Her feeling of isolation and distance from the rest of the world is summed up nicely for the reader when she finds an old flyer of herself that had been posted around town; a smiling portrait of the woman she used to be. She thinks: "Still Missing," because that woman in the photo has not returned.

    This story was so chilling, but fascinating and spell-binding, and I couldn't wait until the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. And then the true horror hits Annie (and the reader), when she finally discovers who wanted her abducted and why.

    This book was a quick read because I simply couldn't put it down for more than a few minutes. I would give more than five stars if I could. I can't wait to see what this author brings us next.
  • Nicole Kellner-Swick - Great family organizer!We have a large family, with 5 active kids. It is very challenging for us to keep everyone's schedules straight - between doctor appointments and extra curricular activities, this calendar helps us to organize everything and hang it on the fridge for all to see. It's the perfect size for our clan!!
  • K. C. Goff - To reform, open the plug!The previous reviewer gave this item a trash rating. I love this thing. In the summertime, heck, even in the cool Southern California winter months, I have a problem with hot feet at night. Before the chillow, my attempts at cooling down my feet with wet washcloths, foot creme and electric fans were for nought. Now, I just place those puppies directly atop a bare chillow. Voila! Instant comfort and a full night's sleep.

    If the chillow gets deformed, simply unplug the opening, let a little air inside, then smooth it out and replug. I'm ordering a second one so that I can encase my feet inside a Chillow sandwich on the hottest nights.
  • mickey - Concerned about our CountryScary,but spot on. Everyone should read this book. It is right on and has all the data to back up the facts. It is a not a book that is Democrat or Republican, but just tells us what has happened under the present regime and how to take care of ourselves. It is not a book for those that would rather put their heads in the sand and pretend things are just great in America!
  • W. Richardson - I've found the update works just fineSorry- I messed up. This review should be for the Premier, not Deluxe edition: I have been a Quicken user since the 1990s and I have generally been pleased with the software. I use it to keep track of both my expenses and extensive investment portfolio (many individual stocks and accounts). I don't use it to actually create a budget but it certainly provides a great historical record for seeing my expense trends and investment performance over the years. I only upgrade when I need to due to their update process expiring for the edition that I have. That means I just upgraded from 2010 to 2013. I was leery given the negative reviews I saw posted here. I would have to say I have been pleasantly surprised (at least so far having only had the upgrade for a couple of days) by the lack of issues I have had. I had no problem converting my 2010 file to 2013 other than a few accounts that I had hidden that reappeared. It took me five minutes to rehide those old accounts. In terms of using the software, so far so good. In fact, I have noticed at least a couple of minor bugs the previous software had that have been "fixed" with this release. I do not use the mobile connectivity the new software has (nor do I plan to) so I can't comment on that. I will update this review if anything negative comes up but like I said- it's been fine so far. I personally can understand the need of Intuit to require updates every few years and I think their pricing to do it is reasonable. It is critical that the software be accurate and reliable and that is what I have always experienced with Quicken and it appears to be so with this release too (at least as of the date I upgraded).