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  • Liz Medley - Don't demonize Romney for doing the right thing.I am sure that the binder full of WOMEN'S RESUMES Romney requested was as useful as the ones being sold here, because they gave women new opportunities and changed some of their lives.The binder represents Romney's proactive efforts to bring more qualified women into his administration. This is a thing that women should applaud, not ridicule. You yell for women's rights, yet criticize a man who has gone out of his way to give women positions of power. This really makes your claims of "women hating" quite hollow. As for giving women flexibility, that is also something women have fought for in terms of maternity leave and other parental commitments- particularly in the case of single parents. There are many employers who allow flexibility for their female employees, because numerous ones have expressed the need for it. Don't demonize a guy for doing the right thing.
  • GW-MT - Love IT!!!!Purchased 6 of the Asus TF201 tablet to be used at work, a month later we purchased 6 iPad2 to be used at work. The Asus ran circles around the iPad2. Easier to setup,use, and manage than the iPad2. I used to take my laptop with me when I traveled, now I leave the laptop in my office and take the tablet instead. I'm the IT Director where I work, and I'm now looking at ways to make it interact/cross platform to the network. I see this replacing my workstation down the road. I recommend it to everyone who asks me what tablet I think is best.
  • Penny Lewis - Great product did what it saidI read all the reviews before I purchased this product and it showed that there were more positive reviews than non positive results. I am happy to say that this product did exactly what it said it was going to do. I had a small raised brown mole on the side of my face. I scrached it with the file pretty good all over it until it was really tender and then I put the product on which did sting for awhile. Then the next morning I woke up with a scab which I tried to hide under a bandaid which I drew more attention than without. The scab then came off a week later. The area is red and has a little divit but is already filling in. I am so please with the results it worked for me and was well worth the money due to the fact that the mole was taken off twice previousely by a dematologist and it came back.
  • Ariel - It Is Quick And SimpleI like the Pimsleaur products and the Quick and Simple ones are reasonably priced.

    Enough to get started with the language and be polite wherever you travel and the Spanish is one I enjoyed.

    If you travel it is worth to pick up this (or perhaps another quick guide) since it makes trips more enjoyable by having some basic words down. If you find yourself going to the same places often the Quick and Simple work well to see if you would like to get the full versions.